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who are the worst TCU conference opponent FANS you have encountered?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bwnorx, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. I guess in-conference Tech but if you want to go with overall, it's Wisconsin and not a close second. Even Tech fans are unlikely to F-bomb people with small children wearing opposing colors while just waiting to get in the stadium. And I'm not talking about one random individual but a group effort. Not to mention that it was a parade of some of the most unattractive women I have ever been around.
  2. My worst 2 experiences have been at ou games and its not even close. Those hillbillies get mean.

    2015 had an old guy sitting behind us cussing us out and talking [ #2020 ] the entire first half. Don't remember hearing much out of him the second half.

    And then last year there was a group of guys a few rows behind us telling me to sit down and shut the scheiss up after Vernon's pick six.
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  3. "1-10"
    Perfectly stated.
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  4. After that season the visitor's section got moved to the other side of the stadium, the grown-up side. A night game in Lubbock is awful. With a whole day to drink, the students and fans are horrible. Daytime games are aren't as bad as they used to be since the move.
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  5. As for arrogance, it's hard to top the Ole Miss fans for me...before the Peach Bowl. After they caught an L from the Frogs, just like with Wisconsin and the Austin people, you coulda bought'em cheap.
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  6. okie lite fan fan that poked my son in the eye takes the cake. It was his third warning to calm down. Had even exchanged seats with family to avoid a confrontation. We had an exchange. End of story.

    #236 bout that life. Big truss

    Jumbotron cut away. Riggs posted about it a while back about a NWLA sighting
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  7. Not football, but related, sorta. At a big timed event both a cousin anda friends son rope in tie down. Some guy was drunk (which was bad enough because first out of the box came at noon for the prelim.) and was dropping f bombs left and right. Very large man sitting near him goes over and asks him to watch his language. Drunk guy threatens large man. Large man grabs drunk by a good chunk of his jacket and picks him about a foot above his seat before 2 cops get there.

    As they are walking drunk guy out they go behind us. We here drunk guy thanking cops for breaking it up because large man would beat the crap out of him.

    My friend bought the large man a cup of coffee out of appreciation.
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  8. What section and what happened?

    If that was the game where it was raining and miserably cold... I might know what you're referencing.
  9. Not even close - Hawaii out there.

    Drunk sumo wrestlers in grass skirts, throwing beer on us, our cheerleaders.

    LT got hurt early and the crowd cheered as he came off the field; not applauding, cheered.

    Stadium that swayed because it was poorly bolted together.

    Watched the late replay at the hotel, the TV announcers laughed and joked about the TCU cops cowboy hats.

    I told our AD that if we never played those drunk Ba$724@ again it was fine with me.

    Nice place to visit, but what fan base wants to pay a lot of money for that crud.

    Yes, I've been to Tech (bad), Purdue (real bad), and the Rose Bowl.

    Hawaii was by far the worst.
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  10. Yeah it was that game. I can’t remember the exact section because we sat in better seats since 2/3rds stadium was empty. But it was somewhere in the upper west side, at the bottom of the section, near 50 yard line. Dude and his family showed up after us, sitting 5 rows directly behind us and screamed at us for ten minutes to sit down. Used some awful language. And then eventually went and told the cops we were drunk and disorderly. Cops came over and told us they had to make it look like they were taking his complaint seriously. Then went and told him to move to any of the other 5,000 empty seats nearby
  11. They were leaving in droves by the half.
  12. This I-went-to-Hawaii-in-the-90s-and-personally-complained-to-the-AD not-so-humblebrag deserves immediate admission to the humblebrag hall of fame.
  13. Agree on Okie Lite. Have had two very ugly experiences in Stillwater and both times I was with my kids. Neither situation seemed to be indicative of the fan base so maybe it was just the bad luck with the location in the stadium both times. That, and had the driver side door of my company vehicle kicked in while attending one of those games. Had OK plates but Frog plate bracket.
  14. Kansas basketball is really bad
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  15. Tech. So there.

    As for Hawaii, the BYU people (!) hate to go out there due to the sheer level of drunken, insane fury they pour out on anybody in opposing colors. Apparently, it is a National Pastime.

    Nicest: After the Fiesta Bowl, we spent the evening in our downtown hotel bar getting drinks bought for us by the celebrating Boise folks. To a one they were polite, positive, respectful and all around great folks. Hell, I'd move there if it didn't get so damned cold half the year...
  16. Away Best: Clemson, West Virginia,
    Away Worst: Tech, San Jose State
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  17. We had a pretty good experience with the Ole Miss people, but you’re right, there weren’t many around by the 4th quarter.

    We had a group of Atlanta high school boys sitting in front of us That were probably just SEC wannabes that started the SEC, SEC, business early. I’m convinced our row started the mock SEC chant in the whole stadium that was directed at these cowering little boys. Early on though they were really cocky, talking so loud so we could here their “What the heck is a Horned Frog? Texans are wusses, you didn’t pray hard enough, etc, etc.” By the early third quarter they tried to sneak out and they caught it as they tried to sneak out. Lots of, “Did mommy come early to take you home? Whoops, we just scored again. Past your bedtime? Got a birthday party to go too?” Lots of innocent little age jabs. Those kids were blushing so much they glowed. Then the coup de gras SEC chant they had to hear climbing 39 rows and out of the stadium as the whole started.
  18. Always so satisfying when you get the W and they get to eat their words. Recall the Ole Miss fan that came to KFC. Nice enough guy but he went on to patiently explain to the board that we were about to face NFL size and speed at every position and to not get our hopes up too high. Almost certain he didn’t return after the game for some reason.
  19. Tech, and it ain’t close. Starting in ‘70, the swim team had a meet at TTU and after the meet, we went to cheer for the basketball Frogs. A Tech fan’ threw a metal folding chair at me. Smacked me in the head. Last incident was our football game in ‘13(?) in Lubbock. The guy behind on those crappy bleacher seats kept slamming his knee into my back through the first half. Each time yelling “the Frogs suck”. I found an alternate place to watch the 2nd half. There were plenty of other TTU stories of ridiculous behavior in between.
  20. Worst bowl fans...Wisconsin by far
    Best bowl fans...Boise State
    Best old conference fans...Boise State
    Worst old conference fans...Arkansas
    Most arrogant & delusion fans...Texas
    Most idiotic fans...baylor (fok baylor!!)
    Worst overall B12 fans...ttu (loud, stinky, drunkest)
    Most confident fans...OU
    Least confident fans...TCU
    Best/Nicest B12 fans...KSU, WVU, & TCU

    BEAT OU!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!

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