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who are the worst TCU conference opponent FANS you have encountered?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bwnorx, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Who’s going to the game? Hope you meet some terrible OU fans and post a good story about them here
  2. George Strandberg, is that you?
  3. I also was at that Air Force game and experienced the restroom absolutely jammed, with all the air dryers running non-stop. I’ve been in lower temperatures, but I’m not sure I’ve ever been colder than I was that night.
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  4. I really have not met terrible OU fans, and I have been to quite a few games here and there.
  5. Colder/more miserable than the 2015 Baylor game?
  6. That Baylor game was miserable, for sure. But the Air Force game was many, many times colder, despite being in early October. Temp at kickoff was 10 degrees, but there was a low, freezing fog. Here’s a pic walking across the frozen parking lot into the stadium.

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  7. Yeah AFA was way worse. Beers were freezing faster than you could drink them. I bought a pulled pork sandwich at concessions that was frozen by the time I made it back to my seat. Those poor cadets that only had their dress sweatshirts or whatever they are.
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  8. Tech and followed by as a mostly regular opponent, SMU. OU is distant 3rd.
  9. The AF game was extremely cold, but it pales in comparison to my experience as the Sergeant of the Guard one February night in 1971.

    Korea is notoriously frigid in the winter, and this night was unusually so. The temperature was well below zero, and the wind was howling at 30 mph.

    The North Koreans had infiltrated the DMZ (a regular occurrence), so all US installations went on high alert, and even broadcasters had to stand guard.

    When I relieved the guards after the first two hours I literally had to chip the ice off their field jackets (we didn't have the fur-lined, full-length overcoats).

    I called the CO and said, "Sir, this isn't going to work. One of our guys is going to get major frostbite, because we don't have the cold-weather gear we need."

    He responded, "Okay, change the guard every hour, instead of every two hours." That meant I was out in the cold almost non-stop, because it took 45 minutes.

    The next morning I went on the air (with no sleep), and in his first story our newsman reported that the infiltrators had been "neutralized" at 1900 hours.

    That meant we'd stood guard in the bitter cold all night long for nothing! I was livid, but I was only a buck sergeant, so my complaints didn't mean much.

    Ah, Army life...

    Go Frogs!
  10. Embrace the Suck
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