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    1. ricksterh
      cont'd a good man who knows the game and is a good person who reps TCU well. I live down here in the RGV and have a season ticket for hoops and am a member of the Fastbreak club to support Coach C and the program. Thanks again for the good post that makes sense. Rick Hosea aka ricksterh and have you heard from Shooter and how is he doing?
    2. ricksterh
      John, thanks for your post about mens basketball. You are spot on. I quit posting on the kfc because there are just too many knuckleheads on there who are jerks and idiots and don't know what they are talking about. I bet of all the clowns who post negatively about mens basketball not one of them has ever coached a game or for that matter even played in a decent quakity game. Coach C is...
    3. purplepreacher
      quit browsing and get to work, tjg.
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