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who are the worst TCU conference opponent FANS you have encountered?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bwnorx, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Here is another take, I was at the TCU at Arkansas game a couple of years ago and beyond embarrassed of some of TCU's frat guys. It was awful what was coming out of their mouth and beyond embarrassing. Same group was throwing empty bottles on the backs of heads of then lowly Iowa State.

    On the flip side, I think K-State fans are the friendliest and most welcoming in the conference.

    I watched some more fratastic SMU guys being awful at the SMU win at TCU last season. Still remember all that turnover glitter being shot on OUR field.
  2. Get me Willard & Simpkins on Cats 3 & 4 !!
  3. If I ever witness this you’ll see an old white haired chubby guy kick their ass.
  4. I've had plenty of experience with Wisky fans (at Minnesota) but wasn't sure how bad they would be to us as TCU fans, because of the lack of history and rivalry.

    I found out at the Santa Monica pier a couple days before the game. They had a rally there and we had lunch there before it started. As we're leaving, drunk kid stares my nine year old daughter down and yells - at HER - f TCU. I got between them and said, excuse me? He yells it again at her and I was about to do something I'd later feel bad about when his friends grabbed him and pulled him away.

    Ten years later she's there as a student. I just have to hope she continues to avoid acting like them.

    I've really never had a good experience with them, despite probably twenty of them.
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  5. Putting fans together from both schools for an uncooked hotdog and bag of chips at the "world's largest tailgate party" is always a bad idea. Probably what makes the Fiesta Bowl suck the worst, but the Boise fans were uncool, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because of the crappy environment.

    Standing an entire game knowing that there are people behind you that are not...makes you the rudist fan, I don't care who your pulling for, however, Aggies think they should be able to do this anywhere because of tradition...and that's why I don't ever want them at AGC.
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  6. Their marketing might seem unconventional, but you can't argue with the results!
  7. To be fair, that needs to stop. We're a university that wants to be known for intellectualism, not that.
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    Every fanbase has lots of great fans and a few bad ones. Including ours.

    The worst individual experience occurred at Oklahoma State back in the early 1990s.

    Overall TXAG arrogance -- considering that school has next to nothing to be arrogant about other than stolen championship claims -- is the worst for me. I hate Aggies and Razorbacks thanks to the SWC days are not far behind.
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  9. We arrived at our hotel for the Rose Bowl and discovered very quickly that despite all the hotels in the LA area to choose from, we somehow selected the Wisconsin team and alum hotel. We encountered mostly adults and families there. They weren’t particularly friendly, especially after the game. But when we encountered the students on the train to Pasadena and at the game, I was truly shocked. They were incredibly immature, obnoxious and rude, and I don’t think one of them was sober. Probably the north’s version of Tech.
  10. After the Rose Bowl game we went to look at the static display of Rose Parade Floats. It's nice to have the option of changing into Green Bay gear after a loss in the rose Bowl, but I guess they had several years of losing to figure out that switcheroo.....
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  11. On our way out of the Rose Bowl and across the lots to the busses, I noticed a strange phenomena. I called this to my lovely wife's attention: "Hey, Honey," I said, gesturing at all the people in Wisconsin gear studiously ignoring us, "We're invisible!"

    The next day we flew out of LA. The airport bars were all packed with people in, you guessed it, Packers gear. Not a stitch of red to be seen. Again, decked out in all the Purple we had, we were invisible.
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    When they beat us in football that one year, a bunch of their fans were chanting at a basketball game, "Just like football."

    That stung, but there is no comeback for sucking. Dammit Cumbie, learn to call games.

    Edit: I have an old saying, "sucks to suck."
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  13. SJSU wow that's a random one. What was bad about them?

    We played at Arizona one year, maybe like 2003. I've always heard that 'Zona had under the radar bad fans. 2 teams I always imagined would have been bad fans from CUSA:

    Southern Miss
    East Carolina
  14. Tech by far. Just obnoxious. Texas fans are quietly arrogant and full of themselves but generally harmless. BYU fans reminded me of Texas fans, same quiet arrogance. Not terribly friendly at all. Baylor people trend a bit stupid but had some pleasant experiences. Sat 50 yard line about 8 rows up last year when our 3rd string beat them and everyone was cordial. My friend was not a Baylor grad but a Waco guy and his company had access to great seats.

    On the whole I've been blessed. Went to Arkansas for baseball 2 weeks in a row and they were the absolute nicest people. One group invited me to sit with them at dinner after the Central Connecticut game. Sat by mostly LSU peeeps at Jerry World and they were cool.Sat by a few in Omaha and they were nice enough but were in utter shock that we beat them. Badly! Again! Been to OU for football and baseball, both great trips.

    Used to hate Aggie back in the SWC days but they were decent for the super regional here. Went to College Stadium to see Bama curb stomp them last year and gained a new respect for them. They knew what was coming but cheered for their team to the end. Not one speck of Crimson outside of 2 designated sections. Then I come home and the next week the upper deck of the east side was half orange.

    Glad someone mentioned Hawaii. Hear that place is an absolute nightmare. Teams I remember anecdotally being problems were Tulane, Fresno, and Southern Miss. I remember USM fans being a bit mouthy when we played them in baseball here.

    Also noone mentioned Southern Cal. Heard horror stories from Sun Bowl but plans cancelled at last minute. They were tame enough when they came here for baseball, and they were gone by halftime when Bama curbstomped them at Jerry World a few years ago.
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  15. Oh, SMU. The rare times they win they act like it's the Superbowl. Went once with a buddy from SFA and they were talking smack to the SFA fans. I was like really? This maybe the only game you win all year. SFA almost beat them. Had lunch at Campisis a few years ago after what felt like an 8AM kickloff. The waitress was an SMU student who kept telling me how much better they were. I'm like, at what?
  16. I swam as well, cheers. Richard wasn't the coach back then was he?
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  17. No, TCU’s program was mishandled by John “Rufe” Brewton.
  18. I got banned from Lupton Stadium for an entire season because I got into a fight with our own drunken frat guys.

    TCU tried to bill me $250 for repairs and I still have not paid them to this day and they still have collectors calling me. And it happened over 10 years ago
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  19. Went to our game at Allen Fieldhouse in 2015. Bill Self had told the media before the game he was going to play their manager in the game.

    This really made Trent Johnson angry. Really angry. He viewed it as a sign of disrespect because Bill Self was assuming it was going to be such a blowout that they would be able to get their manager in the game. And we had only lost to them by 3 in Fort Worth.

    Well, we kept it close the entire game and Bill Self couldn't get his manager in. The fans were irrate because Trent Johnson was trying to extend the game(we were only down 6 or so) in the final minute instead of just waving the white flag so this manager they had been hyping up all week could get in the game. I was right behind the TCU bench and they were letting Trent have it. It was bad. Finally in the final 10 seconds or so Bill Self is able to get him in the game as they were up by 9 and we had just missed a 3. Manager misses an easy layup which, I felt bad for the manager, but in a way it was karma. Then Bill Self and Trent get into it during the post game handshake which just made the KU fans even more upset at our team.

    If anything these fans should have been upset at Bill Self and their own team for not beating us by a large enough margin to get the manager in the game.

    Say what you want about Trent Johnson as a basketball coach but he really had his players backs and from what I have heard is a good guy all around.
  20. It seems to me San Jose State had some bad fans, not to mention flooding the field to slow down LT. Weren’t there some people roughed up in the stadium restrooms?

    It’s not just the University of Hawaii fans that are nasty, it’s many of the native Hawaiians in general. There has been quite a backlash against all haoles, non natives.

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