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who are the worst TCU conference opponent FANS you have encountered?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bwnorx, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Forgot about San Jose state...should have known better than to wear a sports coat.
  2. Worked for us!
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  3. You can see what Big 10 people think of Wisky and others by this...

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  4. Weed may be legal in Colorado, but I can assure you it is on the Do Not Fly list at AFA.
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  5. For a nuclear simile...critical mass?
  6. I was in the band "74 -"77.
    Going to Fayetteville, we were the SWC experiment to see if a visiting band could go there again. Never found out how long it had been since a visiting band went there.

    Anyway, we had police escort for the band busses as soon as we exited the highway. The police escort stayed with us in the hotel while we checked in, got into uniforms. We had police escort to the stadium and all around us during the game. Escort back to the busses after the game.

    It was weird.
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  7. Wow. Arkansas should have been really embarrassed that all of this was necessary.
  8. Once upon a time (not in the ‘70’s) I had a LA State Trooper assigned to me when taking the cheerleader squad to McNeese U in Lake Charles.. And that was D2 v D1AA Stayed overnight in Sulphur LA and the troopers patrolled all night. Would eventually have to leave in mid-3Q as beer bottles rained down from the stands. Had an escort back to the Texas state line.
  9. It was horrible. My opinion of people from Arkansas was not very good for a long, long time.
  10. one fan bases embarrassment is another fan bases source of pride
  11. No, you may be thinking of the 1984 game @ Arkansas when the Frogs came back in the 4th quarter and won the game with a late two point conversion to, I believe, James Maness.

    The game I attended was several years later, our first running the old Run and Shoot offense.
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  12. No that’d be too early. It was in the 90s sometime.
  13. Sounds like the 'Wild West.' Scary that the troopers thought they should guard /protect you at nighttime.
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  14. Was one of the only trips I didn’t really worry about the cheerleaders sneaking out at night and get themselves in trouble.
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  15. "Dear Forum, I never thought it would happen to me..."
  16. I had only two rules: 1) No illegal drugs nor alcohol on my van/bus 2) I do not carry bail money.
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  17. I've had a negative run in with just about every fan base I have encountered. Every school has their fair share of idiots.

    Certain fan bases earn their reputations! It isn't against just one school's fan base, but every fan base hates them. The first Tech game I ever attended I knew their fans fit the bill. They are just adding to the legend. Arkansas fans are notoriously horrible. It becomes a point of pride for the school. Other fans are just annoying. You know the schools as they tend to be more annoying pests.

    Wisconsin is a special breed of insanity! Madison as a city is known for being out of control with the students. Those fans view their insanity and nastiness with reverence. They have crowd involved cheers that include profane slurs at each other. (ESFU chant) Most Big Ten schools hate when they come to play. A night game in Madison is on my bucket list with all the craziness.
  18. "I've had a negative run in with just about every fan base I have encountered. Every school has their fair share of idiots. "

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  19. I admit to being that idiot a few times in my life.

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