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who are the worst TCU conference opponent FANS you have encountered?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bwnorx, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. First off, I do not frequent this board very often so thank you for having me. TCU has been a member of 3 conferences since I first stepped on campus- CUSA, MWC, B12. I missed the WAC era by a cpl years if you really want to gauge my age. Who would you say are the worst fanbases we have shared a conference with? Which one's did you find the most annoying/ disrespectful/ unwelcoming? Any good stories or reasons as to your answer? Answers can be based on experiences both at the away stadiums or on observing opposing fans when they visit Amon Carter in FW.

    For now, it's easy to say Tech b/c every team in the league would probably say Tech. They honestly seem to pride themselves on being the obvious answer. I haven't been to any other away conference games so I can't speak on other fanbases. I'm guessing maybe WVU could be a hostile environment, but maybe that's assumptive of me.

    I think the clear outlier from all other fanbases and answer for me was BYU. They always traveled really well, were very abrasive, unwilling to interact socially, and sore losers (probably bad winners as well.) It almost felt personal or political with them. I also heard some horror stories about the Utah Utes fans, who sound like they were the Tech-like figure in the MWC days.

    For the sake of discussion feel free to answer any bowl/ non-conf games as a bonus answer but nobody needs to explain that Ohio State, Georgia, and Ole Piss fans are annoying as hell.
  2. Utah was worse than BYU.
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  3. Alcohol-induced nastiness: Wisconsin
    Chromosomal deficiency nastiness: Tech
  4. SMU. Most never realize there is a football game being played in front of them.
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  5. whiskey fans were pretty bad. They leered at our little Texas gals, were drunk, as some of our TCU boys were, and had no idea they would lose, but I agree that Tech is the worst place to play.
  6. The only fans I had a problem with were when they put us right next to the Tech student section in 2013. Beyond that, even the Tech fans have been good.

    It still is so weird to hear the negative experiences folks had with Wisconsin, complete opposite experience I had, they were awesome with our group. Then again I was 28 and didn't have wife and kids with me, so a bunch of drunk football fans was right up my alley.
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  7. I agree that I didn't care much for the Wisconsin fans. They were just so dismissive and disregarding of our team. The younger alumni/ students just turned their noses up at us and acted smug/ superior and I couldn't figure out why. Got so many anonymous/ indirect comments thrown in our direction walking past groups of them, like they didn't want to actually talk or party together, just wanted us to hear some BS from them and move along. I did meet a few older ones that were somewhat friendly. Some of the things said interacting with Wisconsin fans-

    - So what conference are you guys in?
    - Who all did you play this season?
    - Where are you guys from? Where is that?
    - (in the most condescending way possible) What exactly do you think is going to happen out on that field today? "well i think our speed will make up for what we may lack in size on the D and O lines"...."haha, ok" (while shaking his head)
    - It's not even going to count if we win. (maybe they don't count that game as a loss)
  8. In the SWC days, Arkansas. They’d come in Winnebagos on Friday and take over the stadium, most of whom never graduated from high school, much less a college. Leaving AGC after one blow-out loss a little grandma looking thing slurred out, “We kicked your M——- F——— As—s!!” At a game in Fayetteville a whiskey bottle Thrown by a 5’8” 350 pounder in red striped overalls with no shirt missed me by a hair.

    Then UT for their sheer arrogance.
    Then Aggie, just because they are Aggies.
  9. It's Tech and there is not a close second.
  10. Worst: BYU and Tech

    Best: Boise
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  11. Best visiting fans I encountered at ACS were West Virginia fans.
  12. I could go with that based on very limited experience (as in one game) but I’ll add the Air Force fans and I enjoyed the few Colorado State fans I met (home and away)
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  13. I was treated better in Boise than I am at Amon Carter. Those fans are way too nice.
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  14. Favorite are WVU
    Wisconsin would be my worst. Baylor has been suspicious

    although the worst experience I’ve had is with TCU fans in our own stadium in the 2015 Baylor game.
  15. Who still has the YouTube video of the Utah fan doing a strip in the stands? I think we were up by 21 at that point.
    In the first quarter.
    At their house.
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  16. Wisconsin by far, bar none.
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  17. During the SWC days... Worst? Arkansas (hicks from the hills)...with the Aggies running a distant second... ISU and WV the best
  18. I have always had a good time with WVU fans. They took over The Pub one year and were just a ton of fun. Their tailgating is epic. A lot of moonshine.
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  19. Back in the late 90s, Tulsa basketball fans were extremely rude. A few years ago at Jerry World, it seemed most of the LSU fans were arrogant, drunk and wanting to fight.

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