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who are the worst TCU conference opponent FANS you have encountered?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bwnorx, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Forgot about that one. Had real bad experiences with LSU fans at that one.
  2. You'll have to consult with LSU Game Attendee on that last statement.
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  3. Tech. I hate them when they come to AGC. Their damn tortillas, and just overall attitude is the worst. When we scored 82 on them, was the best day.

    We have to win. My neighbor, for a little over a year now, is a Tech fan, and he's the biggest POS. I couldn't imagine living next to him during a year they won.
  4. Texas is jus arrogant and entitled. Beat them, and they shut up pretty quick.

    Tech fans are the worst. They lose and still talk [ #2020 ] at annoying levels. Its like a trailer park version of Ole Miss fans after an Egg Bowl.

    In recent years, seems like baylol is giving them a run for that money. Mainly cause baylol fans are so clueless. They are band wagoners. They have a tendency to want to get violent, but cant fight for [ #2020 ].

    I think I have relayed the story here about being back near the truck after a game in Waco with two Ranch Management pals. And the drunk baylol punk hopped out of a car wanting to start something, then my friend knocked him senseless. One of the funniest post game events I've seen.
  5. Most darned up thing about tt fans is the delusional view that Lubbock is a great town.
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  6. I find that anyone who is beating us on any given day has the worst fans of all.
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    Worst when they are winning: Baylor. They are truly dorks that don't know how act when they win. They love to talk after a win, but they are clueless about football. And this isn't because I hate them so, but I can't state enough how much they are the biggest dorks. For real they are.

    Worst all the time: Texas Tech

    Most arrogant: Longhorn fans

    Oddball/eccentric fanbase: Texas A&M fans
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  8. Nicest fans Ive seen are Nebraska. They were so nice it made me paranoid.

    Air Force and Colorado St fans were were very classy.
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  9. Aggie fans are an odd bunch. And they had a worse lil brother syndrome than even Auburn.
  10. Ag fans always confuse me. Not sure if I should pat them on the shoulder in pity or ask a doc to do a Form One.
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  11. When Aggies are alone or small group, they are usually great and easy going. But when in large groups they turn into something else and it’s awful
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  12. What happened at the 2015 Baylor game?
  13. Lack of black jackets?
  14. I have a thought as to why they were classy... It's hard not to be classy when you’re stoned.
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  15. You just pretty much just described The Whole state of Louisiana...
  16. The Boudreauxs around me were drunk and a bit chippy, but not over the top. Called the frog hand sign the “camel toe”. Ohio State mouth-breathers were much more belligerent.
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    I guess it helps to be high when when you are learning to go nose to nose with a MiG...
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  18. In the SWC days, no one was as bad as Arkansas. Just horrible people. Now a day, Texas Tech fans. I have really never had problems with the Texas or Oklahoma fans.
  19. Worst fans:
    1-10: Tech
    11: OU
    12: BYU
    13: Baylor
    14: UT

    Best fan experience as a TCU fan on the road:
    1. Boise
    2. OK State

    Best AGCS visitors:
    1. WVU
    2. K-State
    Honorable mention: Air Force, but obviously you know.
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  20. Kf.c classic.
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