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Gentlemen and ladies, before you read these rules please understand that fans from other sites are a part of the fabric of sports message boards. Some will bring legitimate conversation to the board and some will bring trash talk. We'll do what we can to control the trash talk but we are not going to consider a difference of opinion as that sort of talk. In other words, just because you don't like what they are saying, doesn't necessarily mean its trash talk.



1. DO be careful when selecting a member name during registration. Take some time and scan the member list to make sure there are no others like your selection.

2. DO NOT “flame the board.” You know what "flaming" is but in case you don't, "Flaming” is the deliberate act of creating a post in order to incite members of the board and invoke a negative response. We won't stand for that.

3. DO NOT expect any tolerance for statements, opinions, or views that are sexist, bigoted, racist, homophobic. You do that and you'll be calling down the thunder and believe me, we'll bring hell with us.

4. DO NOT engage in malicious or inflammatory attacks on other members. You know that we want and encourage healthy debate, but childish insults, names, etc that are baseless, antagonistic, or outright uncalled for will not be tolerated and will bring down the thunder. While we love visitors from other schools, we are not going to cut them any slack in this department.

5. DO NOT engage in baseless criticism of TCU athletes and recruits. This has always been our policy and always will be. Its fine to offer legitimate evaluation of their performance but don't make it personal and do not be unfair. These are kids, after all.

6. DO NOT post ANY adult or sexually explicit content OR links to adult or sexually explicit content. Sexually explicit content pertains to nude men or women, male or female genitalia, or female nipples. This includes images in which such features can be seen through clothing or with the subject posed in a suggestive manner. For women, "nude" means without top and/or bottom. Don't even try this one.

7. DO NOT use profanity/vullgarities. Profanity is filtered on Killerfrogs.com and we try to make that fun for you but don't test the system by spacing out the letters, replacing letters with
asterisk or other characters, or leaving blank spaces for key letters.

8. DO choose a subject line that accurately describes the content of your post. Do not use deceptive subjects to attract attention to your post. Do not use one or two-word subjects that provide no description. And do not post in ALL CAPS.

9. DO NOT threaten another member with actual physical violence or harm. Not cool. Note: this commandment does not include general banter or sarcastic remarks. For example, telling a member to "go jump off a cliff" because you dislike their opinion is not the same as threatening them with physical violence or harm. However, such remarks may be enforced under commandments 2 or 4.

10. DO take a minute a minute or so to see if there is already a thread that covers your

11. DO not post anything that could potentially harm (or embarrass) TCU or KIllerfrogs.Com.

12. DO not post or link to competing sites. We built our traffic the hard way, let them built theirs the same way. Doing so, will result in the removal of that post. That includes the use of Killerfrogs.com resources such as the PM system to promote competing sites or syphon traffic away from this site.

13. DO NOT post the contents of a personal message from our system. PM's are just that, personal messages and are not intended to be read or distributed among the members. They are written to and for the person(s) who are named in the address line.

14. DO NOT solicit funds of any kind, without ownership permission. This includes Charity.

15. DO NOT dox people on the board (reveal personally identifiable information). Stating the information is accessible on the internet is not an excuse. We will not tolerate this behavior and if you are are found in violation we will immediately suspend your account pending a review.

16. DO report posts that violate these rules to the moderators. Board admins and moderators have full time jobs and lives outside of KillerFrogs.com and are not expected to monitor every post 24/7. If a post violates these rules report it, otherwise you have no room to complain about a poster or comment made.

17. DO NOT expect the board to be a G-rated "safe-space". The KF.C commandments are intended to prevent egregious misuse and conduct only. We will not punish posters for messages that simply offend someone's sensibilities or due to a disagreement in opinion (this includes political, religious, and cultural issues discussed in appropriate forums). If you are easily offended by differing opinions then we suggest learning to use the board's ignore feature.

Enforcement of these rules lay with the board administrators. Violations may subject the user to suspension or, in some cases, removal of the user’s account.


The administrators of Killerfrogs.com reserve the right to delete, edit, or move any post. What follows is a list of reasons why a post might be deleted, edited, or moved and these can be added to at any time.

• Your post(s) will be deleted if you:
* “Call someone out.”
* “Spam” the board, i.e., attempt to sell goods or services, or direct users to commercial sites, without prior authorization from board management.
* Threaten anyone.
* Post links to competing sites

* Stalk another poster, i.e., repeatedly reply to his/her posts for the purpose of ridiculing, mocking, insulting, or flaming.
* Post pictures or link to web sites showing nude men or women, male or female genitalia, or female nipples. This includes images in which such features can be seen through clothing. For women, "nude" means without top and/or bottom. Administrators may block any other images deemed inappropriate.
* Post unsubstantiated information about TCU players, coaches, administrators or officials. Rumors will not be tolerated. News must at least be reported by an established media outlet to support its posting. Other TCU message boards are not considered to be established media.
* Post copyrighted material from other web sites. You may link a "teaser" paragraph or two but must link to the original source for the entire article.
* Flame other boards and brag about it here, or whine about what users on other boards are saying about TCU. If you have a problem with another board, take it up with that board's management.
* Creating posts whose sole purpose to inflame or agitate the members.

• Your post(s) may be deleted if you:
* Start a new thread for every thought or idea that crosses your mind.
* Start a new thread in response to an existing thread.
* Start a new thread commenting on an existing thread anywhere on the site.

* Try to circumvent the profanity filters
* Use the PM system to threaten, insult or demean a member or post the contents of a PM in one of the forums.

• Your post(s) may be moved if you:
* Complain about an administrator’s action. Just contact us directly and we'll explain it to you.
* Post on the wrong board. We have multiple boards, each with a specific purpose. Your topic must be relevant to the board on which you are posting so if you see that your post has been removed, it may actually be in the proper forum.

The moderators request that users report violations of these guidelines by clicking on the button REPORT button at the bottom of each message. These reports will remain confidential

Statements or postings that violate the above terms may be deleted. The administrators, without notice, may delete individual messages or whole threads, move them to the appropriate forum, lock threads, or anchor threads (to keep them from popping to the top of the page). All such actionsare within the sole discretion of the administrators. Users who violate these rules may or may not receive a warning. Depending on the severity and frequency of violations, the user may lose his account temporarily or permanently. Account suspensions are at the sole discretion of the owners of Killerfrogs.com. Further, the owners reserve the right to suspend or terminate a user's account for violation of these rules without notice to the user.

If you are found to be in violation of these rules your profile will be assigned warning points (1-3 depending on the severity of the violation). After 3 warning points you will be given a one week vacation (ban), after 5 points you will be given a one month vacation (ban), and after 10 points your account will be permanently banned pending a review. Warning points are set to expire after one week with the exception of severe rule breaking (automatic 3 points and one week vacation) which will expire after one year.


See: https://forum.killerfrogs.com/index.php?threads/forum-rules-and-privacy-policy.173831/#post-2886717

And: https://forum.killerfrogs.com/index.php?threads/forum-rules-and-privacy-policy.173831/post-3349380

Last Updated: 12/21/2020
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As of July 18, 2020 moderators can decide if a user registration should be placed into moderating status. This status will be reserved for registrations that are deemed a high risk for spam (or suspected of being a Baylor fan). Any new member placed in this status will have their account promoted to registered status and granted full posting privileges (starting new threads, able to add attachments to posts, creating a profile signature, etc) after a 3-day probational period in which they post 10 replies to various topics on the board and do not receive any warning points (see above).


The Man Behind The Curtain

As of December 21, 2023 any request to create a new account on KillerFrogs.com that is flagged by our spam filter or includes a screen name or email address that moderators believe to be spam or AI generated will be denied. If you believe this to be in error please reach out to me (sean@killerfrogs.com) for resolution.
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