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who are the worst TCU conference opponent FANS you have encountered?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bwnorx, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. The upside to BYU as opposed to the The Hawaii "Rainbows" (That is what they were called in the'90s) is that they are not going to spray beer on Frog Law or the Cheerleaders. If we ever do play BYU again, the band needs to work up the song "No Beer In Heaven" - the lyrics say - no beer in heaven, that's why we drink it here!

    Sitting in a prime seat on the 40 in the UVA section (2009), I thought their fans were a pretty surly lot. They knew that they sucked but that didn't stop them in the slightest. (Small world though. The guy sitting in front of me was friends with a TC Williams teammate from the early '70s. - he was my only salvation there.)
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  2. I was at TCU 1974-78. Strong word was not to go to the away Arkansas FB games, as it was actually dangerous (I'm a woman, if that matters to the warning.) Even our band had some 'special protection,' but I don't remember what that was now.
  3. I had the best postgame experience. We flew back to Minneapolis-St Paul airport, the only TCU fans among all of the Badger folk. A friend of mine was an airline exec and had arranged first class seats for us.

    The flight attendant had chatted us up pre flight, and we were decked out in Frog gear.

    We sat there as all of the Wiscy fans walked past in shame.

    She did the pre flight announcement and screwed it up: congratulations to the Rose Bowl winners, Wisconsin... Oh wait, TCU.
  4. Couldn't agree more and it was even more true after the game.
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  5. Chastity belts, especially the men.
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  6. If memory serves, you had the trumpet. I believe you win!
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    We’ve watched TCU play on the road in many venues, and I agree with Top: every school has good and bad fans (including our own), and our experiences varied wildly based on luck of the draw seating.

    I’ve watched several games in Austin and never once had a bad encounter with a Longhorn fan, but that’s just anecdotal. The biggest problem was climbing those seemingly endless ramps to get to our seats in the northeast corner of the upper deck.

    On the other hand I went to College Station ONCE (as a freshman or sophomore in the 60s), and that convinced me to never go back. I had the same experience in Lubbock and Baton Rouge during my days as a student. I absolutely LOATHED Arkansas.

    In more current trips I’ve found Utah fans to be pretty rough, but BYU folks were saints. Oddly enough, New Mexico fans were unusually abusive - especially since TCU throttled them thoroughly both times we were in Albuquerque.

    By and large BU fans were harmless - and clueless. SMU fans were just sad, but they could be pretty obnoxious on those rare occasions when they beat the Frogs. However, I generally just ignore them.

    OU was very similar to UT. Sooner fans didn’t take TCU seriously, so there was very little trash talk. There were lots of obvious t-shirt fans in Norman, and many of them were unknowledgeable about football.

    One great story. We combined a vacation to Colorado Springs with an Air Force game the year that massive ice storm hit, and to this day - that's the second-coldest experience of my entire life (the coldest I've ever been involved guard duty in Korea).

    My son and I were bundled up with several layers of clothing, so going to the bathroom was a hassle, but the men's room was jammed shoulder to shoulder with cadets trying to stay warm. It took a couple of minutes to work my way through the crowd to the urinal.

    Suddenly, I heard the door crash open and a commanding voice screamed, "Do your business and get back out there to support your fellow cadets on the field, ASAP. I'll start handing out "Ds" in three...two...one..." Almost instantly, I was virtually alone!

    I stood next to another Frog fan at the sink washing my hands a moment later, and he looked at me and said, "Well, he didn't have to say it twice, did he?"

    I’ll save bowl games for another time.

    Go Frogs!
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  8. I grew up going to Frog games in the 70's with my Dad (a 1970 grad) and well remember the Winnebago invasions, arse kickings and trash talking by Razorback fans.
    While a student, me and a few friends road tripped to Little Rock in 1990 to watch the Frogs take on the Hogs (Leon Clay, Richard Woodley, Steven Shipley, Blackwell, etc). We were heavy underdogs that day (as always), but TCU came out and ran up and down the field on the way to a route. 54-26 if memory serves. Anyway, being full up of alcohol and "Pig! Sooey!" after years of hearing it, I began leading my own cheer among the 150-200 Frog fans in our little area. It was a stupid cheer ("Frogs, Ribbit!", yeah, it was weak)....but, damn, it was fun. Everyone in purple seemed to be having a helluva good time.
    Anyway, for my efforts, first, a cup full of spit was hurled toward us. A little bit later, I was hit in the head by a mini bottle of vodka and cut open a bit. (Perhaps some of our older members were there and vaguely recall the incident). So, there's my story. It's Razorbacks and Aggies for me. I wish we still played them every year.
  9. How is this even a question? Although their football program is and always will be irrelevant, Tech fans are clearly the lowest of the low.
  10. Some unsolicited legal advice: just tell the collectors that the Statute of Limitations has run.
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  11. As a TCU Bandsman back in the day, heading over to the Hog Winnebago Parking Area (Now Lot 4) at roughly midnight, roughly sober (YMMV), to play the Fight Song was always a hoot. Especially when we began playing and all the Winnebagos turned on their lights and honked and such about a second after we started playing.

    Them piggies wuz lyin in wait...
  12. Was that the one where we came from behind? I remember going into a restaurant in Houston thinking another loss. I came out tried to find WBAP and heard a band and cheering thinking we got hammered, then I said that sounds like our band and the guy says it’s a final from Fayetteville, TCU wins it. I almost ran off the road.
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  13. Ha! it was the annual TCU alumni trip!

    However, I did manage 5 days on Maui for golf.

    Thanks for noticing Dirt.

    Edit: Dirt, how come you don't think I drove my old Ford Expedition there?
  14. The reason I refuse to pay in the first place is because they were breaking the stadium's own rules. Rich TCU donor allowed his son and his frat friends to take over the 3rd base patio and were drinking alcohol on the patio - WHICH WASNT ALLOWED. They were so drunk and unruly I had to put one of them in his place which broke the fencing. They should have enforced their own rules but I guess if you are a rich TCU donor you can break the rules. The funny part is I was the one who was ejected, criminally tresspassed and banned, not the rich TCU donor or his drunk unruly son/frat boy friends WHO STARTED THE FIGHT. I was 100% self defense and every witness around were taking my side.

    TCU only cares about rich donors. Which is why I always give them the bird when they ask for money.
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  15. One fan base I haven't seen mentioned yet is Southern Miss. I went to Hattiesburg, MS for the Thursday night game against Southern Miss in 2003. Brandon Hassle was our QB and if we win that game, we become the first BCS busters. Their fans were absolutely atrocious. Genuinely felt unsafe at times.

    Tech fans are by far the worst in the Big 12, especially in Lubbock. They seem to take pride in being as vile as humanly possible. I remember in 2013, I saw some students walk up to Tyler Matthews' parents and cuss them out for no reason. As already mentioned, they put the visiting TCU fans in the middle of their overflow student section, and as you can imagine, it was a disgrace filled [ #2020 ] show. Their students spent more time flipping off and cussing at the TCU section than they did watching the game. Their fans were slightly less awful in 2015, but still sucked. Haven't been back since.

    I also have to affirm that the Boise fans were unbelievably friendly. They even had a welcoming committee at the airport thanking TCU fans for visiting Boise and offering advice for where to visit and eat. The morning of the game, we literally couldn't walk past a tailgate without being greeted and offered free food and drink.
  16. The best way to avoid opposing fans at the Rose Bowl is to stay in Beverly Hills.
  17. Believe the Big 12 fans are quite civil compared to BIG and SEC fans. I refer to those nastyass Badger fans at our Rose Bowl game. Primarily those 10,000 students in the South end zone... were verbally out of control.!!
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  18. 100% agree on Hawaii. I was actually scared at the stadium and I'm never scared for my safety. The local cops allowed the hawaii fans to come onto the field to access the TCU section. Lots of fights and lots of blood is what I remember. The next day it was nice to see Coach Patterson walking the sidewalks on Waikiki Beach keeping the players in line from the clothing stores to the Jack in the Box before their flight back to Fort Worth
  19. Purdue fans were cool though, in West Lafayette, last fall.
  20. We had a great time with WI fans...most who got even drunker than us!
    Some have heard this story but most haven't. When the Show Girls entered the Rose Bowl I overheard a WI guy remark to his friend " we don't have any body that looks like that". Funny stuff.

    Tech is worst. Only been to one game in Lubbock. TCU grandfather with 5-6 year old grand daughter got blasted with "F... TCU".
    Once was enough.
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