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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Rest In Peace my friend. Prayers to your family and friends. Thanks for taking this board over when I needed someone. I loved our times at Yogis, the road trips, the night at DMC with the showgirls autographs and the many games at the KF.c suite on the 1st base side.
  2. RIP Wes.
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  3. I was looking for that but only found a cropped version.
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  4. I met Wes about 20 years ago after raising hell on his website. He & I hit it off and he was always helpful and encouraging.

    One day I got a call from him and he said he was at the TCU bookstore where Dan Jenkins was signing his book about TCU. He had bought a copy for me and had Dan sign it, he told me that I was Dan's favorite poster (a little brag) and asked how I wanted him to sign. It was a wonderful gift that I will never forget.

    Over the years we had several lunches and I often would see him at events. Another day day he called and explained things were changing at KFc and he wanted me to meet the new owner as we kinda butted heads. Anyway Scott and I hit it off well and though we gave each other hell on the site we always had fun meetings. Scott, as someone else previously explained to me, was a big teddy bear. I remember at one particular game I met up with Wes & Scott and introduced my family. Both were extremely kind and had nothing but good words. I think my wife was shocked.....though she never reads the board, thankfully.

    It really is a very sad day for me and all TCU fans as well as his family and friends. I wish I could truly put to words what he has meant to me over the years.

    Thank you Wes and Godspeed.
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  5. Feel free to download it.

    I remember the day we did that shoot. Wes absolutely hated being asked to be a part of it but the two of them pulled it off and later, after Scott's passing, Wes told me how much he enjoyed this pic of them.
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  6. Mem'ries sweet, Comrades true- Light of Faith, Follow through- Praise to Thee,........
  7. Scott and Wes both had this great character trait of treating everyone like a true friend. The few times I met the both of them I felt like a loved family member. RIP, friend.
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    I think the first time I met Wes was at a basketball game in the mid-90's. He confessed to me that he was "Tired of Frank" and I told him I was "Limp Lizard." I think the same night I met Toad Trailer, Horned Frog Pride, Don(the owner/originator of the FFF), Traditionalist. Maybe Old Rip was around then. Anyway, that meeting energized me to become more active in TCU athletics. Some great times: meeting Billy Tubbs and staff at the cyber bar downtown (Cyber Rodeo?), meeting a worn-out Eric Hyman (at the same place) right after the announcement of the formation of the MWC, Wes trying to tell the (grab your Thesaurus and look up synonyms for stupid and incompetent) director of the WAC how to use the simplest of chat rooms...without success! Getting the invitation from Wes to help start Killerfrogs.com. Met with him for some networking and advice after the place I was working shut down. Then all the times he helped form the identity of the FFF. He was a lot more patient that I am with bad behavior on the Forum. I lost direct contact with him about 15 years ago and only saw him a couple of times since 2005....once with Scott, to whom he introduced me.

    Lots of great memories. I shed some tears reading his final post. Damn. But his work lives on in this Forum. Let's make him proud of it as the years go on.
  9. Sadness and tears!

    That's all I can say.
  10. Gonna miss ya Wes. You were a great Frog and I am happy that I could call you friend.
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  11. RIP Wes and prayers for your family.

    I also vote that we change the forum name to add Wes. Although I’d vote putting his name first as he started this whole thing and I’ve always associated it with Wes even after he passed it on.
  12. I had the pleasure of meeting Wes a handful of times and he was just a nice good dude. It was hard to watch his health deteriorate over the last year and I feared a post like this was probably coming.

    Condolences to the Phelan family
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  13. I am proud to have met and got to know both Wes and Scott, and consider them friends. I know they are having quite a reunion today.

  14. My greatest friend for 50 years is gone, but will never be forgotten. If the term "bleed's purple" ever applied to anyone in it is Wes Phelan.
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  15. Damnit. Never met you, Wes, but truly wish I could have. Rest in Peace, fellow Frog.
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  16. I’m sure Scott had “something” only Arka Frog could come up with to say! Two life long friends reunited, may they both RIP.
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    " Lord, support us all the day long, until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over, and our work is done. Then, in thy mercy, grant us a safe lodging and a holy rest, and peace at the last." ........... Don't know who wrote those words, but they speak to me now, and increasingly so as I get older.
  18. Damn... Godspeed Wes. My heart is heavy. TCU has lost a great Horned Frog and ambassador. My sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to Wes's family.
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  19. I pray for the courage and dignity to leave this world the way Wes did.
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