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Wes & Scott,

You have forever bonded the Horned Frog fan base. It blows my mind to think that KFC was born back in ‘97, when internet was in 56k.

The impact you both cemented can not be put in to words. Your leadership helped foster in one of (if not the most) respectable CFB/Athletics Forum in the Nation.

In 2012 I was a long time lurker on KFC. I wanted to make sure that my first several posts were perfect.

What I didn’t understand then, I understand now; perfection is an illusion.

You liked my first comment and provided me with some encouraging banter as a young alumni back in ‘15 (believe I first posted prior to the Alamo Bowl).

It’s days/nights like these that you, Scott and everyone else will never be forgotten.

Thank you for everything, thank you for the foundation you laid and All Glory to the HypnoWesScott
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Wishing well the family and friends of all of those kfc alum who have passed. it has been almost a year since the last post in this thread. I am thankful for the kfc friends here who always make me feel welcome and are gracious to laugh at my feeble attempts at humor. I am very grateful that Scott, Wes, Sean, Ryann, Topfrog, and others who either helped start this community or who keep it going all of these years despite the loss of two of the founders. Thanks for allowing me to spend time in the community that you all created and maintain.