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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Drew retweeted the KF.c. announcement. Wes had fans everywhere.
  2. 350B2BC3-8D7A-4E36-92E0-7BCA0674ADD4.jpeg

    My all time favorite PIC.
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  3. Courageous fight, RIP.
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  4. Dutch would've been proud of your fight, Wes. God bless you, my friend.
  5. Wish we could have eaten ribs together one last time. You were one of the good ones.
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  6. It is a sad day in KFC land. At first you feel like crying, but as you remember Wes you can not help but to smile. Today all the pain and suffering gone, Wes can rest easy. He is with his son and received a legendary Scott Nix bear hug. He left us with a great gift and has impacted all our lives for the better.

    God speed my Brother. This is not goodbye but UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN.
  7. Rest Easy brother. See you on the other side. Thanks for making all our days a little brighter. Go Frogs

  8. Ban-hammer and Padre back together. Bad day.
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  9. RIP my friend.
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  10. Our time here is but a vapor in the wind, your new home is an eternity where I’m sure purple is a special color and there are no losing seasons.

    May the trail rise up to meet you
    May your heart rejoice in song
    May the skies be fair above you
    As you journey ever on

    And in this planetary circle
    We are but a single stone
    Spinning on our fragile axis
    Through the endless night along
    May your love be there to guide us
    May it always keep us strong
    May we walk within your footsteps
    As you lead us ever on
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  11. Hope we can put the silly talk of GP and this season on a moratorium. Some things just pale.

    So sad...
  12. Lots of fun times in your playpen my friend
    Shock and sadness losing you and Scott

    Hope we can rename this forum the Scott and Wes Happy place
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  13. FWIW it was Purple Passion who told me Scott was a big teddy bear after he as Arka had laid into me on the site. Not sure if you remember but it was definitely accurate.
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  14. Deep peace to all of Wes' family and friends. Rest peacefully, Wes. Your life was well-lived.
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  15. RIP Wes.

    For all of you that were friends with him, sorry for your loss.
  16. At Scott's memorial, I was having lunch with Wes, and he looked around, chuckled and said "I'll be lucky to have 10 people at mine." How wrong he was. The Horned Frog Nation loved him. God Bless.
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    I left work today when I heard the news. Another blow during a ishtty week.
    I think I'll go have a drink or two in WES's honor.

    I think killerfrogs.com may have been one of the first internet sites I surfed after getting dial up back in the day. I thank you WES for making my internet experience more fun!

    RIP WES!
  18. I have been staying away, not wanting to see this final notice. Wes and I were teenagers together, learning to love TCU at the knee of Jim Jacobsen and what it meant to be a Horned Frog. The time has flown by, and now there is one less of the old guard. Reading all the positive memories of my old friend makes this time a little easier. He and I were going to make the trip to Fred's for the KF.c luncheon to start the season, but his health just wouldn't let him go. I will forever wish that we could have spent that last little bit of time to laugh and reflect...and I know how much he wanted to see all of you. Good bye my friend, and Riff Ram.
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