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    1. FeistyFrog
    2. ricksterh
      I didn't want to put this on the open board but what is going on with J Ray? imo he is a very good and athletic player. Against Evansville he played 1 minute and not at all against Tech. Is he hurt or in the doghouse or what?
    3. Atomic Frawg
      Atomic Frawg
      Feisty what's the best way to put a kid on the coaches radar? An alum's younger brother was the starting DE and PF (basketball) for the USMC Academy in Harlingen. The kid's also a licensed pilot. His coaches were very complimentary of his work ethic and athleticism, but didn't know much about getting any attention brought to him. His name is Joseph Vincent Shields. Thanks in a...
    4. ricksterh
      My friend in the basketball office told me we have 1 signee 2 commits and 1 who is supposed to pick today Friday. She couldn't name names until it is announced but I think we can pretty much fill in most of the blanks. I didn't post this on the board since that is public info. Also said they will have some assistant coach changes soon. Thanks for all you do for us on the board. Ric...
    5. GoFrogs96
      What do you think about Gray from Aledo? I live in Aledo, attended many of this years games and was not all that impressed with the exception of the state championship game.
      I know his stats are crazy, but he usually went down on first contact and avoided tackles with pure speed advantage that wont be so great at the next level. Don't get me wrong I think he's good, just ...
    6. FrogFrog
      How close were we on LaMichael James? Just curious...
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    Nov 16, 1960 (Age: 60)


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