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  • Wes, I saw the post last week in regards to Proton Treatment. I underwent a 8 week Proton treatment 10 years ago. If your situation is treatable with Proton treatment I would highly encourage investigating. If you have any questions please email me and happy to discuss.
    I'd like to subscribe to your special daily posts but I don't know how to get your email address to send a note. Weird eh??
    Account Upgrade, I tried but I dont and wont do Paypal, had 2 CC hacked with them so dont use them.
    Wes, our company firewall, is deleting some of the KFC in-page ads and replacing them with comments that these sections of the site contain a computer virus. I think they've been hacked. You might want to get your admin to take a look at those sections of the forum.
    Wes, I've seen quite a few posts lately about members complaining about redirects and weird ads on their KFC pages. There is a known issue with certain older releases of IP Board that may allow a hacker to hijack a site and cause these problems. Softpedia posted comments about this issue today and can be read at <a href="http://news.softpedia.com/news/Over-100-Forum-Websites-Foist-Poorly-Detected-Malware-478020.shtml." rel='nofollow external' class="su_links">http://news.softpedia.com/news/Over-100-Forum-Websites-Foist-Poorly-Detected-Malware-478020.shtml.</a> You may want to pass this info along to your site admin. Thanks
    I updated my Tier 1 dues about a week ago. I noticed that my username is still not bold. This makes me wonder if you got the payment. Please let
    me know. Thanks.
    I updated my Tier 1 dues about a week ago. I noticed that my username is still not bold. This makes me wonder if you got the payment. Please let
    me know. Thanks.
    wes, about your new sponsor for grapefruit down here just to let you know there prices ae high compared to another place Pittman Davis here in Harlingen. The Davis family has a son and daughter who are at TCU now. They sold there business a couple years ago. I didn't post this infor because I don't want to hurt your sponsor but at the same time want to see our Frogs get teh right dea...
    Deep..are you still having the problem? I just noticed this comment.
    Wes, I'm having a problem loading posts from the board. Whenever I reply to a thread, half of the time the Reply function hangs while loading and never completes, so I can't reply. It can't be ads causing the hangup because I'm a Tier 1 member an don't get nay ads.
    Wes, on the recent poll, why didn't you include ministers as profession? There is a seminary on campus and many of us graduated TCU/Brite and went on to ministry and are avid horned frogs.
    Wes: I'm a new member at Tier 1. I can't figure out how to change my display name or "member title" (i don't even know what this is). Also, when I click on the "Members" link it takes me to my messenger. Can you guide me on what might be happening? My thanks in advance. Steve Payne (SKP)
    Just back from Houston and San Antonio
    Wes, hope you won't get mad at me, for making a suggestion on mail.

    Is there anyway we could get a button for "mail". Got a comment on a post today telling me to check personal messages. We don't really have a way to know if someone sends us a message.

    If a big problem, just forget it. Really loved the way we had it before and folks really were sending me many messages. Now, I get few as I fear many are having difficulty.

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