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Doug Meacham returning to the staff [MOD EDIT: Now Official]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Maybe that’s what he actually thought and he was just wrong. Either way, I don’t subscribe for his opinions. I subscribe for his access to the program that is second to none.
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Then go see a doctor and stop your whining.
  4. You're new to the Internet and how sports forums work huh?

    What you consider whining most with any maturity understand is serious concern for complacency and general acceptance.

    You don't like it?

    So what. Put me on ignore, or do you need help with that also?
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  5. Time is a flat circle
  6. NO! scheiss that! No! Go home Gary. You drunk.
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  7. rustin cohle is the new running back coach?
  8. So what is he? OC? WR coach? Analyst? What?
  9. We’ll have to wait 5 more days to find out.
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  10. What ticks me off is TCU not going out and getting a legit offensive line coach. Going out and finding the best offensive line coach with reputation and record. Championships are won in the trenches. It is the most important positions besides QB and on line with DL. The reason SEC wins and OU wins is because they have the best OL coaches in the business. We have a young OL next season which is even more important for the need of an elite offensive line coach. Screw relationships and find a guy who can get the job done. SEC doesn't give two craps about relationships they want the best and you can create coaching relationships.

    If I'm Gary I dont want my legacy to be ruined because I can't win as my offensive line is struggling yearly and my QBs are running for their lives.

    Now the other hires, I'm good with. I'm not crazy about the Meach hire but he makes sense. He is a proven good WR coach and he can help Cumbie game plan. Very creative. And TCU will need to play the quick pass to help the OL. TCU will have to pull OL and get them in space, and do a bunch of screens. TCU will need to run screens to wear out the dline so TCU can run the ball inside later. And that is Meach's game.

    I think the most important thing TCU will have to do in the off season is get in that weight room. TCU in order to win with a young at OL is to build strength, hip control so balance, and especially SPEED as force = mass x acceleration. If TCU is young and doesn't have grown man mass like juniors and seniors they better be able to accelerate. So Don Sommer and staff have the most important job out of any coach. I hope along with the other hires they hire more staff for Coach Sommer.
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  11. I think something that gets lost on there sometimes is that the practices are closed to the media, including him, so he is having to rely on what people inside the program are relaying. When these things turn out to be wrong, I attribute much more of that to the people inside the program being wrong about their conclusions rather than him pumping some agenda. I don't see where he has anything to gain by having an agenda to put out falsely positive info about a player like Delton as stated above because he's decided in his own head that he's some level of player unless he's heard that from people in the program who have made that evaluation. Just my opinion but I've been on that site for quite a while and just don't get that if you look at his body of work.
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  12. Someone alluded to Anderson being up for some other job???
  13. Wrong site
  14. So he had opinions you didn’t agree with?
  15. I know where you're coming from however 3 years ago we went out and got someone who many considered was a Top OL coach in Thomsen and we all know how well that turned out.
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  16. Supposedly as the inside WR coach.
  17. Yes ... our OL finished 3rd in rushing in 2019 !!!!
    With Anderson(on his own) and the youth and inexperienced OL, thats not going to happen in 2020.
  18. I realize that you're being sarcastic, but I'll pretend that you were asking a question in good faith, just for fun. To clarify, I was referring to his podcast, not website. I stopped listening because it was clear that Jeremy would never say that the coaches were wrong about anything, and he refused to admit that Delton was bad. I found it frustrating and a waste of time. Carry on.
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  19. I think you are partially correct and it’s a perspective I hadn’t considered, but still a symptom of his paranoia. With regard to Delton, I think Gary wanted Delton to be the guy sooooo bad it clouded reality.
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  20. And gave up 30 sacks and a countless number of pressures. Hopefully that doesn’t happen in 2020 either.
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