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Doug Meacham returning to the staff [MOD EDIT: Now Official]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. FootballScoop is reporting that Doug Meacham is returning to TCU in an undetermined role
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  2. Strange move. GP must really, really be afraid of change.
  3. People usually go with what they know, rather than the unknown.
  5. Offensive analyst like Dykes was? Waiting to see if Cumbie stays or goes? Just getting the band back together?
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. It’s not the most exciting move ever but I’ve got no issue with him coming in to fill the WR coach opening.
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  8. Wasn’t it reported this past year that Meacham was almost brought back to the staff but didn’t because of “personality issues?”

    Maybe Meacham didn’t get along much with Luper or Thomsen. I’ll guess the former since they actually worked together previously.
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  9. GREAT HIRE GARY!!!!!!
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  10. my only concerns are if meacham did do the things reported when he left how do you trust him?

    second is where does any real change come in the offense?

    there is a reason much of college football has gone away from the hunh, spread, finesse style offenses.
  11. I'll take it
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  12. if he isn't bringing college boykin and doctson and that OL with him, not sure he can recreate that magic...
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  13. Odd to me that we would have two WR coaches and no TE or ST coach. Maybe just a case of titles being thrown around but still...
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  14. I like him at Special Teams or TE coach. Work his way up.
  15. Awesome! Let's get back to building that Peach Bowl style team. Best TCU football team I've ever seen. I approve this move. Put Cumbie back up in the coaches sky box.

    Our defense should be legit again. Max and those two freshman running backs are legit. Schedule is more favorable in 2020 plus the East Side Expansion will be complete and the Carter should be fully rocking next Fall.

    Coach Meacham just has a different vibe that the offensive players feed off of. He comes out wearing sunglasses at night drinking Red Bulls on the sidelines and it chills our players out and they seem to execute better. I think he tells the kids his TCU offense is about to destroy whatever defense is about to play us and they buy in. We used to get a bunch of pass interference calls against teams playing us too that bailed us out. Hopefully that returns.

    Great hire... now let's fix our Special Teams and maybe some of our Strength and Conditioning program and win the Big XII next Fall. Big XII as a league should be down next Fall and were awful in this bowl season. No more OU no more people saying Lincoln Riley owns TCU! This is your window Gary....Make it happen Captain...
  16. Hopefully this is the tonic our offense needs.
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  17. With Meach returning, I for one expect to see a better offensive product next year, better than we've seen the last few years. Even if he's just WRs coach, or if he has a bigger role, I expect he'll be a positive impact.
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  18. I just assume that if there were any issues with trust or conflicts with current staff members we wouldn’t be bringing him back.
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  19. When you lose something, you go look where you last had it. If you don't find it there, you look elsewhere. While leaving TCU at times must've been really humbling for Meach (that ladderwell pic in the stadium is still sad to me), it seems that whole episode has humbled more people than just Meach. I'm gonna remain optimistic and hope we can have more offense than last year...which shouldn't be hard.

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