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Doug Meacham returning to the staff [MOD EDIT: Now Official]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. and we had scored more points after the first two plays than they scored all game.
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  2. iirc, Cumbie assumed more control the next year? And more the next ? Till finally we actually did stink on offense?
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  3. Yea the flirtation /offer from UT after 2015 raised his value and negotiating power.
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  4. If I’m TCU, the next guy who says they have a buy out offer they are considering from a conference mate I tell good luck...
  5. I just saw more creativity in Buffalo's first drive than I saw in TCU's entire season.

    What is Coach Winder doing these days? We need a QB coach who will bring back the 'Oh, what a beautiful morning" attitude instead of relying on some
    aggie moron to help the QBs get better.
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  6. I wish you hadn’t posted this.
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  7. What the hell?
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    I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, Bob. Coach Winder (unless you are talking about his son) passed away. I was at his service.

    EDIT: Coach Winder was a frequent golf companion of my father. My father was a huge fan of the man and my dad is the hardest person to impress than anyone I know.
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  9. Doug Meachum is at the men’s basketball game
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  10. one of the few
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  11. He’s not sitting with GP
  12. On of the few coaches or fans? Pretty good showing for the fans
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  13. I think Jon Kitna is looking for a job... TCU connection, nice pick up as a QB coach or OC
  14. Nope. He is sitting in 2 rows in front of me and Donati
  15. coaches though the seats behind the teams are about half to 2/3 full
  16. Damn! I did not know that. Winder was a character. He always brought the house down at the Signing Night shindigs.
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  17. Next to former Frog QB Eddie Clark. Next OC???

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  18. he was standing on the red line. Don’t you have to be completely in front of it to take a charge?
  19. This thread took an unexpected turn
  20. Is this the game thread? [ What the heck? ]
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