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Doug Meacham returning to the staff [MOD EDIT: Now Official]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Negative
  2. Humble brag.
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  3. I had been thinking about coach Winder also and didn't realize or remember he had passed. Was an excellent QB coach.
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  5. Perfect? No. Better? Yes.
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  6. Not upset with this hire. Lot of water under the bridge since he left and probably a few egos reduced. Depending on what his job is, I think he will be good for the offense.
  7. Look if GP wasn’t going to completely blow up the offensive staff this is likely the best we could hope for. I’ll wait to see how he fills Luper’s job but on balance I’m fine with it.
  8. This is just (half way) kicking the can down the road. The fact we are sitting here January 7th and nothing of significance can been done, while the rest of the football world has made changes screams mediocre.

    To say I am disappointed with GP is an understatement.

    Whatever happen to measuring staff on a two year time line? Surely Patterson has seen these past 2+ years of cute play calling and getting our arses kicked on offense warrants a full staff turn over.

    I think my give a damn is about broke.
  9. Schultz is coming back to take Luper's job.
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  10. Always wondered what happened to NativeFrog.
  11. on jeremy's podcast he is going through a monologue justifying the movement of anderson for a variety of reasons and then he takes a very interesting change in the conversation.

    he mentions first that thomsen benefitted from coaching the experienced offensive line that anderson coached when they were inexperienced in 2016.

    next thing mentioned is jeremy was talking to patterson and there is a mention of the number of sacks the frogs offensive line gave up in 2019 and that it has been a long time since the frogs gave up 30 sacks in a year.

    first, sacks are not merely a function of the offensive line. not uncommon for a young quarterback to hold the ball too long and not throw it away, but set that aside for a moment.

    the last time the frogs gave up 30+ sacks in a season was? 2016
  12. This will finally get us the natty we've been looking for under Patterson. Well, this and buying players via a bagman will push us over the top.
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  13. Not in love with the Anderson move but CT wasn’t getting it done imo. Let’s cross our fingers and hope Jarrett gets the job he’s apparently up for ...
  14. Just because you haven’t heard news doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Smh at some of yous guys.
  15. Is it really official?
  16. i agree things weren't good and really wasn't trying to revisit the anderson decision as point out things get said to justify decisions in this program that are comical.

    somehow 2016 didn't happen, somehow recent shortcomings offset past breakdowns, and the biggest frustration is opportunities lost to make adjustments without blowing everything up.
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  17. Whoa. I never analogized Coupling to Friends. Coupling is a great series.
  18. Uh-oh. There goes her skin.
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  19. Didn’t we try this very thing one time before. So we don’t get rid of any of the rotten meat? We just tape some old, not quite rotten meat around it? I hope this is the solution, but uh!?!
    I don’t feel so confident. How bout you?
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!!
  20. I unsubscribed a couple games into the season when it was clear that he absolutely would not criticize Delton and continued to grade Delton even with Duggan. I don't dislike him or think he's a bad guy or anything, just felt more like state propaganda than actual information.

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