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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. I hate saying this but that's a pretty good description of what our offense looked like the majority of the year.
  2. That article makes a good argument for us. Florida may also sound good to Hurts -- unless he were to reach the SEC ccg vs. Bama. That could deal his comeback story a crushing end. UCLA may also be attractive. Hope he chooses to come closer to "home." Go Frogs!
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  3. The case for Maryland falls apart for me when “rebuilt offensive line” comes into the equation. I know ours wasn’t good this year but it was pretty solid down the stretch and returns almost everyone. And we’ve certainly got talent at the skill positions. I may be seeing it through purple tinted glasses but Hurts may well be the missing piece that takes our offense from 2013 to 2014. He may not choose TCU but we’re as likely a destination as anywhere else right now IMO.
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  4. I don't at all like filling holes with grad transfers, in most cases I think just making do with what you've got is preferable, but this situation would be the exception. Buying another year of development time for Rogers and Duggan would be huge.
  5. I knew we had little chance when Hurts' dad said it was going to be the biggest player free agency in College football history.

    That's a call for extra benefits if I have ever seen one.
    Even bigger than Ronnie Littleton's renegotiation
  6. one common theme in the film room for both games was the elite level of play by lawrence, tua, and even murray in the second half.

    i think gary's one last career goal is to make a run at a national title. not debating whether he has a real chance at that or not, but i do think that is his final goal.

    i also think he knows he can't do that with a caretaker quarterback which is why tcu has to get better play than they got from the position this year from anyone and why i think you see tcu pursue the various options.
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  7. If GP wants to make a NC run, he is going to need much better coaches on the offensive side. He has a playoff caliber defense, but the offense is about as good as a FWISD offense.
  8. We are now back to pre Cumbie/Meacham days.
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    i think gary and lincoln riley have some tough decisions that center around loyalty.

    lincoln was given a chance by ruffin mcneil at ecu. defensively ou is bad, bad in scheme, technique taught, and recruiting players for their scheme.

    tcu has issues on the offensive side of the ball in scheme, play calling, and in my limited estimation at wr in development/use/rotation.

    who makes a change and who sticks with his staff out of loyalty?

  10. I would surprised if any changes are made. Maybe a glitch change to appease but that would be it. Instead look for scheme changes.
  11. i would love to see a return to the run heavy style of 2017 and have a preference for the pistol versus offset.

    think that can be accomplished.

    concern is route trees and development/utilization of receivers.
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  12. Utilizing more of the middle of the field and TE in the passing game would be a good start.
  13. Who in the hell is currently on staff that has any idea of how to develop a rout tree or teach a receiver anything. Cumbie only knows the TT read routs..I just don’t see them doing the kind of hard work necessary to blow up the passing game and rebuild concepts from the ground up. We are most likely looking at small tweaks and hopefully moving Reagor around the field more
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  14. trying to be positive about that aspect of the offense.

    i agree that when you have the same group of offensive coaches and a couple have been through a transition and the same issues persisted there isn't a reason to expect big changes, but i guess there is always hope and possible new analyst.
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    I get infuriated when I hear there will likely be just a few “tweaks” to our offense. They were virtually last in the conference, and we just need a few tweaks?!!

    As stated before, the ongoing inconsistency and imbalance between our offense and defense is what will continue to hold us back.
  16. I'd like to see us running out of more bunch formations, which plays up some of our personnel groups.
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  17. He also will need a kicker and a stud punter. He may have gotten a punter, but it is just crickets on the kicker front...
  18. We need to have a bunch of plays with the QB under center, for a power run for a 1 yard gain for a first down...it is crazy how we have gotten completely away from that.
  19. That’s crazy talk. Everyone knows you pass on 3rd & short.
  20. Mule had size and went under center for a number of first downs in short to go situations.

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