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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Ummmmmm..... Shawn Robinson?
  2. Rogers and Duggan are still going to be freshman next year. It's not like Delton is getting in the way of their careers. In a normal situation, those two wouldn't be starters until 2020 at the earliest anyway, and Delton is gone by then. You can't go into a season with two freshman who have never played as your backups unless you're just asking for trouble.
  3. Different situation, not a grad transfer. When guys have to sit out a year it totally changes everything IMO.
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  4. False....Legit programs do it all the time and quite successfully.....Is it a risk...Absolutely. The risk is about development...Reps Reps Reps Make QBs better
  5. Maximize his time to find a team would be my guess.
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  6. It's tough to argue that seven months and four days is more than seven months and two days.
  7. Technically, it's not hard to argue at all. Watch.

    214 days is more than 212 days.


    But seriously, when you're shopping yourself around and no one is buying, desperation sets in. With all the flailing around in the dark, eventually you're going to hit SOMETHING, right? Plus it's not like he can't stay at Texas. He just OPENED the portal, he didn't step all the way through.
  8. Texas loosing 2 QBs....Cameron Rising announces a transfer to Utah...

    Days of stashing players is over...
  9. Yep. Teams are going to be light on depth, talent wise.
  10. Found this amusing and Tate to be a POS if anyone wasn't already aware (cue Briles comments).


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