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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Thanks for this info. Of the lesser-known guys I observed:

    Narcisse is a big dude, with a good arm. Moves well for a big guy. Saw a couple throws that would be INTs at B12 level. But would be hard to tackle and seems to make good decisions in those clips.

    Moore looks to have good accuracy and touch, and can find open guy consistently. I sure did watch him stare down each receiver on each highlight though. That won't work against good P5 defenses. Seems to have a little less arm than Narcisse, saw again a couple that would have been picked, but again, finds open guys even when people didn't look open.

    And a good buddy who has an eye for evaluation, who is a Frog and a ND alum, said against Notre Dame Ball State kid was the truth.
  2. None! Collins and Rogers are probably healthy by next year. You also have a good player in Duggan joining the team. There are also others on the roster. What does a transfer bring that these guys won't bring?
  3. Experience.
  4. Kenny Hill also brought experience. How many of us called for the backup when he was playing? Matt Joeckel also brought experience, but his season ended after a few games due to injury. Don't delay the development of others for a rental player. I am not a huge fan of free agency in college football.
  5. ^ I’m not a huge fan of the Qb Transfer as I mentioned above, but Hurts and Tate have tons of game experience.

    The others mentioned seem to parallel struggles like Hill and lack of PT like Joeckel.....we’ll see how it shakes out. I’d love to see Rogers take the opening day snap in 2019.....
  6. So Jalen Hurts or Khalil Mack or don't waste our time and scholarship? I'm down with that.
  7. You asked. I answered. No one said the transfer would start, but I’d be happy with a Kenny Hill-type performance next year.
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  8. Collins...
  9. Totally Agree !
  10. We need a serious Sr OL transfer more than Sr QB transfer, as none of them will fare well without a running game or protection.
  11. They should bring in someone else. We need the depth and don't know how the QBs we do have will perform in extended play. People are acting like we have three proven experienced QBs. In reality, we have only have one guy with experience and he only was able to last a few games. Also, if we are being honest, we want Duggan to redshirt so he should even be mentioned. He is the nuclear option.

    So, the answer should be if we can find a good mobile QB (necessary because of OL woes) with some experience, we should go after him even if we can just get one year out of him.
  12. Last two Heisman winners were transfers.
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  13. Collins is a transfer btw.
  14. We still don't know if Rogers will ever fully recover from drop foot. Collins just had foot surgery, we have no idea how that will heal, or if it will be a nagging injury going forward. We have two walk-on kids, who got zero scholarship offers and Duggan who will be a true freshman; and I'm not sure he's even signed his LOI yet. Do you seriously think we don't need another QB?
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  15. He would do well at the college level
  16. He would definitely help out at DE though...................if he came back to ATM, he might even make more money than he does now
  17. The other Mack, the good one who plays at Chicago and went to U of Buffalo.
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  18. Whah????
  19. Classic GP position change guy.
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  20. Depth

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