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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Lots of speculation since the news finally broke but here are some of the potential targets being mentioned so far (Updated):

    Grad transfers:
    Jalen Hurts Alabama: OU looks to be the choice and has also visited Maryland and Miami. No TCU visit scheduled yet.

    Tyree Jackson 6-7/245 Goes to NFL

    Riley Neal 6-5/217 Ball St picked Vandy

    Ben Hicks 6-2/203 SMU threw for 9,081 yds, 71 tds and 34 int while completing 56.7% of hiss attempts during his SMU career (Arkansas continues to be the most likely destination)

    Potential grad transfer (Not yet declared if they will transfer)
    Khalil Tate Arizona (Not transferring)

    JUCO transfers
    Lowell Narcisse Mississippi Gulf Coast 6-4/195 (originally LSU) signed with UTSA

    David Moore Garden City former Memphis QB 6-2/200 signed with Central Michigan
  2. Obviously Hurts is going to be the top target but so will he be for everyone else. He can basically pick where he wants to go. Him being a Texas guy does help us but it's going to be tough to beat our bigger programs for him

    Being the gambler I am I've seen Riley Neal play. Could be a Gardner Minshew type, good player stuck on a bad team with a coaching staff who has no clue.

    LSU QBs are interesting. They have wasted so much at that position over the years. I think Narcisse would be worse than Kenny Hill.
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  3. Maybe Hurts can go to OU and they can go for a 3 peat in heisman qb's.
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  4. Possible Khalil Tate could graduate this spring and be a grad transfer.
  5. Edit. Moose stole it
  6. Had mentioned him earlier in another thread and will add along with David Moore of Garden City
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  7. Hopefully Sumlin didn’t ruin Tate
  8. A very small part of me hopes Sumlin runs Tate off and he wins the Heisman at OU next year. Make it 2 for 2 for old Sumblin
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  9. Literally no part of me hopes this.
  10. Your hate for Sumlin is more than for OU?

    Sumlin is an after thought for me at this point. OU been puttin’ a foot up our arses on the regular. Ready for that to change.

    If anything, I’d rather Sumlin see success and let Aggies wallow in that mud.
  11. So win 10 games his senior year?
  12. I'd take Tate over Hurts in a second...but obviously would be happy with either.

    But outside of those two I think I'd rather have Michael Collins and/or Justin Rogers...
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  13. Maybe system QB's like UH in the old days, but Baker is looking pretty good this year. Will never know about Kyler in the pros.
  14. I’d rather stick with our guys if we can’t land Tate or Hurts.
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  15. Serious question. Are the frogs looking to bring in a transfer or stick with what they have?
  16. We need another QB
  17. not trying to be funny, but i would think it depends who is on the market so to speak.

    would definitely think frogs would talk to hurt and/or tate,
  18. I don’t think I’d turn away the Ball State kid.
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  19. There’s not a chance in the world that any decent grad transfer, at any position, would come here without a promise of significant playing time. Again we are talking about a guy who’s been the “man” somewhere else. Grad transfers are looking for “last piece of the puzzle” situations..If you can’t find the kind of guy who you know will make you significantly better the minute he steps on campus then IMHO it’s not worth another year of stunting a young 3-4 year player. If we can’t compete for a Big12 title, then I’ll take my chances trying to grow up JR or Max..At some point this program has got to hit on a young QB
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  20. I hate Aggy. And I anticipate Riley is going to continue to whip us basically every year. Maybe we get lucky like 2014 where we are great, at home and OU is down, but I don't think we can consistently compete against OU as long as Riley is running the ship.

    All that to say I would obviously prefer OU to suck, even if it means Sumblin looks smart for ruining Tate
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