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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. What about Bo Levi Mitchell? Don’t stop Bo-Levi-ing...
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  2. He won the Grey Cup after all...……..
  3. Hope he’s going to class.
    A lot....
  4. Some pay site info up over at 247
  5. Never add a guy that is “ok” with being 3rd string.
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  6. This is what I've been told. They'll listen and might talk if he fits the program. Meaning, if he's a drop back not so much. If on the other hand he is quick, highly mobile, accurate, and smart they'll listen. Can't afford not to in today's world of RPO and what it offers.. I like what we have but Gary is not crazy about starting freshmen QB.s. Collins needs to throw about 10 thousand passes before next season and we love the youngster from Louisiana but he is still facing the unknowns. His injury was so severe it's a wonder he is walking around today. Duggey could be, purley, off the charts. His potential is somewhere near Mars.
  7. Gary will sign Tyree to be QB and then realize he really is 6'7 and 250 and immediately move him to DE at first practice
  8. Pretty sure he’s got the spring semester at UT to get his degree and then he would look into leaving. Immediately eligible and 2 years of eligibility left too I believe.
  9. I believe, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, the qb from Buffalo is the biggest qb in all of college football.
  10. Dixon needs another big man...talk about a new type of dual threat qb
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  11. Arkansas has a QB, Cole Kelley who I have seen play on TV who is listed at 6'7 258 lbs so we would probably need a weigh in to judge the biggest
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  12. When he was a Fresh in HS he was 5-9/135, as a soph in HS he was listed at 6-1/190 and as a senior 6-2. When he enrolled at Buffalo he was 6-4/210 and now 6-7/245. Kid never stopped growing.
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  13. We are actively engaged with multiple QB transfers. Probably our #1 need right now.
  14. Can we just have a private car ready after the national championship game ready to put Jalen Hurts in it and drop him off on the private Horned Frog Jet on a one way trip to Fort Worth and call it good?
  15. And, the details include?..........................
  16. If they were notable, you’d probably know about them already. But paysite has you covered if that interested.
  17. That's insanity
  18. If he goes and plays for Locksley, he is not as smart as I thought he was. Locksley was one of the worst head coaches i have ever seen. New Mexico was one of the worst teams in the country while he was there. Totally unprepared and always confused.
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