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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. multiple schools run out of the pistol and employ a down hill power running style.

    the bigger key is what the guys up front can do more so than the location of the players behind them.
  2. Hurts is going to OU three Heisman’s in A row!
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    I’d put a bunch of money on the Heisman going to a QB from Bama/Clemson/Georgia in 2019.
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  4. Why would any good quarterback want to be a part of this crap show offense.
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  5. Because we have shown in a couple of the last 5 years we are a good qb away from competing for the conference title and a really qb away from competing for the CFP?
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    Sorry, I think the thing we have shown in the past few years is a complete inability to develop a QB. SR was a super highly rated recruit, and we see how he turned out. GM did great in the Baylor game when he came in mid-game. And again a week later against OkSU. But given a full month of coaching and game planning, he was abysmal. If I'm a highly rated QB recruit (or a potential transfer) I gotta have some serious doubts in my mind.
  7. I think that Hurts has already gotten all of the development he needs. All he needs now is a starting job.
  8. So much so darning wrong with this post....
  9. Well, go ahead, use your words.
  10. Hurts doesn’t need development - he needs somewhere to play that he can be a star
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  11. Did you become a fan in the last 12 months? Otherwise it’d be inexcusable to not mention Trevone Boykin.
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  12. I said "the past few years"
  13. Using Mules’ performance in the bowl game as an indicator of anything is reaching

    No qb coach in the country teaches running from a pocket at the first sign of a defenders jersey number...he panicked and that is all

    I admit we have done a poor job of turning recruits into starters but our staff has done a pretty good job adapting our offense to a transfer with an existing skill set - for example Boykin and Hill
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  14. boykin and hill both got better playing for sonny

    don't care if they weren't sonny's recruits, they were his players, and they both got better playing for him

    yes, the offense needs work. route and play design need to be better and the center of the o-line needs to be stabilized.

    as far as what happened w shawn i don't lay that all on sonny. some blame, definitely, but shawn flat made some terrible throws and decisions that are also on shawn.

    as far as grayson, give sonny credit for winning the games he did and as others have pointed out above many of those bowl mistakes were simple decisions by grayson.

    finally, why tcu? return possibly 4 o-linemen w game experience, 2 good backs to share the workload, Jalen reagor, and an open offense
  15. For one, GM had 5 years of coaching going into the Baylor and Ok St games so I'm not sure how his month of coaching after that would've overridden everything he had been exposed to for the previous 5 years.
  16. GM didn’t have half as much interest in football as Kohlhausen.

    One QB, highly ranked & arguably injured for the whole season, didn’t pan out and it’s the end of the world? Guess it’s saban’s fault Blake Barnett didn’t pan out either.

    Unfair to place that on the coaches.

    Take your uninformed [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] to the Baylor site.
  17. I'm with you on this as i think most of us are, but looking at our recent history for the offensive schemes, probably not much if any change - don't understand it and especially after this season. No imagination relative to our on field talent. Why are we running 4 wide when we don't know how to pass instead of something like the pistol where we can run. Beginning to think Sonny is overrated.
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  18. Because a main reason it’s a crapshow is that it needs a QB.
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  19. Put Hill, Boykin, Pachall, Dalton, etc. in this years team and I think we would have gone 8-4 at the absolute worst, maybe even better. Flat out, QB is the most important position in football. There is no reason not to look at Reagor, Sewo, DA, and an O-Line that improved at the end of the year and returns almost everyone and not think you could be the one to put it over the top.
  20. Boykin and Hill has Sonny as a QB only coach...Splitting duties is clearly an issue
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