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Potential transfer QB targets

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Adding SMU's Ben Hicks to the list, that would be interesting...

    Ben Hicks 6-2/203 SMU threw for 9,081 yds, 71 tds and 34 int while completing 56.7% of hiss attempts during his SMU career

    Could SMU & TCU swap starting QBs? SR would at least have to sit a year though...
  2. Why is Hicks transferring? Where does he think he's going to play that's better? Seems like he's burning bridges with SMU alums that could help him after college.
  3. Wouldn’t shock me at all if the answer to that question was “TCU”.
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  4. I like Collins better. And if Collins goes down again, I'd rather develop Rogers and/or Max. Hicks = more turnovers.
  5. I sure hope if we were to make a play for him it’s a 3rd man on the chart situation..His best games in his entire career were against us. He’s about as mediocre as it gets and every bit the turnover machine SR was. Depth is one thing but I still feel like a transfer QB is a waste of time unless he makes us significantly better the day he steps on campus.
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  6. not impressed with hicks. please no.
  7. We need depth. We’re 110% bringing in a QB and it may well end up being someone like Hicks.
  8. So you are saying the all-time leading passer at SMU is just a third stringer at TCU? ;)
  9. Also you have to believe that Hicks will look seriously at Arkansas.
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  10. don't know if this has been asked, answered or what, but where is Kelly Bryant going?
  11. Missouri
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    I know we need depth just in case. But Hicks isn't going to start. Least I hope not. So I doubt he's coming. Unless we get a kickass transfer like Hurts, I'd rather develop the young'uns if we have to go with backups.

    Maybe there's a grad transfer who who'd like to further his education at TCU and is willing to be insurance on the sideline.
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  13. The ONLY way I’m ok with adding Hicks is if Rogers is 100%, Collins is 100% by the fall, and he’s ok with being a third string.
  14. My inside sources are telling me you are on the right track
  15. Does Bo Callahan have any eligibility left?
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  16. I think he would be assuming the other QBs are healthy. If he's ok with being 2nd or 3rd string then I'd be ok with him coming and adding depth.
  17. He ain’t got no friends.
    I think he’s a bust.
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  18. No thanks. Rather roll with what we got than being Hicks in here.
  19. Not saying I want him...but what in the world is Shane Booooochele still doing at Texas. Gotta think he after this year. He even has a red-shirt year.
  20. Boo knows his career ends after college. And I think he also knows there’s a good chance he gets some time in the huddle the way Herman runs Ehlinger. Plus, Austin.

    All guesses on my part.
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