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OT - Movies thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Ok, had forgotten about the initial theater release.

    Yeah, i find it really odd these days when they do it this way. I would’ve thought so as well, especially with all the buzz it seems to be garnering.
  2. I believe El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie streams tonight on Netflix and opens in theaters too
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  3. Yep! Got an email from netflix about it today. It’s the first time they’ve sent me a “we’ve added a movie we think you’ll enjoy” email and been even remotely correct.
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  4. watched snatch today and that is such a big hill for ritchie to climb again.

    if the movie was just brick top and his lines it would be good, but holy crap the characters in that movie....

    frankie four fingers
    the twins
    gorgeous george
    scheissing boris
    the pikey
    the three idiots
    and my favorite, tony

    that is a mighty tall high for sir guy to conquer
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  5. That was my opinion just from the trailer.
    Midway OTOH looks like greatness.
  6. I’d watch just for Vera, Millie & Ziyi - worth it.
    Oh, and Sally too.
  7. I think I will go see it in a theater. I know a couple places that are $6-7 which are comfortable. I didn't enjoy "Silence" from Scorcese, but generally his stuff has been solid.

    I also redboxed the live action Aladdin over the weekend and enjoyed it. It's not fantastic but kinda a fun stroll down memory lane.
  8. Potential perhaps...

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  9. fan of guy pierce.

    has a total recall, robocop, multitude of rebuilt wounded/dead soldier movies
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  10. Agreed.

    And yeah, makes me kinda want to check out the comic now. Supposedly that publisher wants to do a whole movies universe on its comic library like DC and Marvel are doing.
  11. Also, highly recommend this Eight if you’re a fan of those type of movies and have yet to see this one.

  12. Took the kids to see The Addams Family animated movie. Went into the theater with absolutely no expectations, and completely disliking the character design based on the trailers, but came away enjoying the film and impressed with the way the director and animators kept a lot of elements from the original TV series, including the pilot's plot of sending Wednesday and Pugsley to school (this time without the skittish truant officer). If you have kids I'd say this one is worth the price of a ticket and a bucket of popcorn, otherwise it's worth a watch when it hits Netflix.
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  13. The trailer dropped today for The Witcher. Haven’t read the books but the video games are awesome.

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  14. Weird, I watched that on Netflix about a week ago, after I kept getting hit with promo for it and realized it was Breaking Bad. Pretty good stuff.

    EDIT: NM, didn't see the post date, thought it was today. Duh.
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  15. Took me about 5 minutes to figure out what the hell was going on here.
  16. OK since I majorly dorked that up I'll try to add a positive contribution. Weekend before last, GF wanted to see, "Downton Abbey." Just don't . . .
  17. Just started “You’re the worst” on Hulu.

    Solid so far
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  18. I watched "The Ring" for the first time; that 2002 horror movie. Enjoyed myself.

    Hearing really good stuff about Parasite and Knives Out
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  19. Knives Out is a definite for us. Just got tix for Harriet tomorrow night. Some good stuff coming out this Winter. And of course taking the kiddo to see Episode 9 when it hits theaters.
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  20. I didn’t hate it, but yeah, could’ve done without it.

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