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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. about damn time...revolver, rocknrolla, lock, stock, and two smoking barrels, and snatch.

    gold standard of british mobster movies with the only thing close being matthew vaughn's layer cake.
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. The new Godzilla is a perfect example of a movie that you go and see at the theater as a summer matinee. It's definitely not great, but if you keep your expectations reasonable and want to see big ass monsters fight and shoot plasma beams at eachother on a giant screen with surround sound you should have a good time. Saw it with 4 friends and we all found it enjoyable.
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  4. Pretty close to the book too.
  5. Watched Dauntless last night. Fairly nicely done, but very much a small scale indy film. Story was very basic, and it sort of fell apart as the time went on.

    Worth it if you're a full-on history geek, but otherwise, eh.
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  6. Pretty close to the book too.
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  7. The wife and I are through 5 episodes of “Unbelievable” on Netflix.

    Good so far. Fairly reminiscent of the Baylor and Waco Police Departments.
  8. 2AB5FAD3-0E16-497F-A6B6-C5F9AABB643A.jpeg
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  10. Did you?
    My bad.

    I don’t keep up with this thread too much and thought about saying something about Passion of the Christ being too predictable of an ending, but figured this would be a safer post. (And Pump was quite a quality movie)
  11. Haha, no need to apologize. I remember googling “Christian Slater movies” just looking for a terrible movie poster to respond with and came across that exact poster. I think it was on this thread.
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  12. Saw Joker. Its dark but good.
  13. I think I am too old for movies now.
  14. I think I have too many kids for movies now
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  15. Who plans to see The Irishman? (Nope, didn't look back to see if this has already been mentioned).
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  16. Probably not. Will wait for netflix to snag it. Haven’t really liked any of those guys in a leading role since about the turn of the century and never been a big Scorsese fan (except for Goodfellas, which was masterful).
  17. I’m confused...isn’t it a Netflix movie?
  18. It is. But after it's released in theaters it will be available on Netflix a month or so later (IIRC).
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  19. Is it? Then I’ll probably watch it. Figured a Scorsese/DeNiro/Pacino/Pesci movie would be in theaters for a while. Though I suppose that model will change eventually.

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