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OT - Movies thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Don’t know what you’re talking about but it sounds awesome.
  2. The Final Countdown. Bizarre, but worth a watch. I swear Star Trek TNG copied it for an episode.
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  3. Alternate History novels are my favorites for fiction stuff - Destroyermen Series, The Lost Regiment Series, anything by Harold Turtledove.
  4. The Final Countdown it's a movie with Martin Sheen and Kirk Douglas.
  5. Katherine Ross
    Yes please
  6. Reminds me of the excellent Tom Hanks satire riff he did of that in Sleepless in Seattle—funny stuff. Got all teared up about grenades ever since...
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  7. "Yesterday's Enterprise"

    Edit: actually that was an older ship coming to the future. However that show has done the time travel bit so many times, I think the entirety of the show Enterprise was one giant time travel arc akin to The Final Countdown.
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  8. Did the episode have Kelsey Grammer in it? I think he was in the one I was thinking of.

    edit: no, I’m getting the time shifting episodes confused.
  9. Nerd alert!
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  10. Harold Turtledove is a great fake name. Will be using that at some point.
  11. He's a professor at USC.
  12. Came across this on insta and was like what?

    Guess we’ll see how Shaggy becomes such a stoner?
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  13. Free on EPIX this month.
  14. And Amazon Prime
  15. Anybody else excited to see Ford v Ferrari?

    Great story. I read the book by AJ Baime (Go Like Hell).

    Kinda wish they had cast McConaughey as Carroll Shelby. Matt Damon as a tall, lanky former Texas chicken farmer turned auto racer seems a bit, uh, too Hollywood.
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  16. Was the book good? I mean dumb question but I guess what I’m asking is would you recommend it to others to read?
  17. Fantastic book, especially if you like cars and the history of the auto industry and how racing influenced it.
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  18. All. In.

    Was my favorite cartoon as a kid and my son is even more of a SD junkie. 90% of his tv watching is SD. He knows all the theme songs from the various incarnations. The Boomerang app pretty much plays 24/7 on the weekends. The only one he won't watch is the newest one that's more geared towards teens. Can't wait to show him in the morning. Seriously, the kid is great at finding [ #2020 ]. I lost my keys last week and he said "let's split up and look for clues. You and mommy go upstairs. Gordy (our dog Gordon) will search the kitchen." We went upstairs to wrestle and were interrupted by a rattling keychain.
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  19. Gracias.

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