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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Just wrapped up Season 2 of Succession. It remains the best thing on tv right now.
  2. Go see Harriett. Wow.
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  3. Saw Midway this morning. It’s a fun watch if you like WW2 stuff, but it has a few serious production flaws. The lighting was terrible and the CGI was so obvious at times (particularly early in the film) it really distracted from the storytelling. The most interesting, and best-acted, part of the story was the intelligence officer working with the code breakers and Nimitz back in Hawaii to plan the attack. They should’ve done more with that and less with the typical pilot banter
  4. Why did they mess with perfection? The original had it all: Chuck Heston, Robert Mitchum, Glenn Ford, Dabney Coleman, Arnold from Happy Days, Eric Estrada, Tom Selleck, Hanoi Jane's dad. I could go on.
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  5. This looks very promising. Shoot I'm going to love it even if it's so crazy unbelievable. I love the "higher quality" Arnold Schwarzenegger/Vin Diesel/Keanu Reeves/Sylvester Stalone type of movies. Not enough of these syfy guy movies that are well thought out kill everyone/blow'em up ones. Looking forward to this.
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  6. Navy intel officers are always the best part. :cool:
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  7. I love that movie (I love all the old WW2 John Ford-esque epics, particularly the Navy ones since that’s where my grandfathers served), but the storyline about Heston’s son and the Japanese girl REALLY gets in the way, imo.
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    1. I saw "Parasite" two weeks ago. It's a Korean movie about two families; I don't want to give too much away. You obviously have to read everything, but man...it was great. If the Academy award and Golden Globes panels are open minded it should get very strong consideration for awards. Presently rated as the 47th best movie ever on IMDB. Strongly recommend.
    2. I saw "JoJo Rabbit" on Friday. It's a really funny comedy, quite heartwarming too, about a hitler youth in WW2. It has a Wes Anderson vibe to it. It is written and directed by the guy who did "What we do in the shadows" and Thor Ragnarok. One of the better original screenplays or whatever in a time where everything is just a sequel or do over. Strongly recommended as well.
  8. Saw the matinee yesterday and enjoyed the movie. The acting was kind of corny in parts but the storyline was good and the sacrifices our sailors made to win this battle were horrific. The only thing that really bugged me about the movie was the dedication at the end of it to both the American and Japanese sailors. I was like WTH, screw the Japanese sailors, they started the damn war. I have no animosity to any Japanese, except the ones that started and pursued that war. I understand their bravery but they deserve no dedication, they were war criminals.
  9. Appreciate the review and those of others on this as I was on the fence. It looked cool and I wanted to see it but it also had a tinge of those recently prevalent Chinese-produced movies....Cool but kinda weird looking cgi, one or two random big stars amidst a sea of no-names, and the movie itself popping out of nowhere.

    Good to know it’s not a total waste so I’ll probably check it out.
  10. Amen
  11. So Kirk Douglas didn’t really stop The Pacific war by taking the Nimitz back in time in 1980 saving Kathrine Ross and unleashing F14s on the Zeroes on Dec 6?
  12. Excellent movie! I know some of the Nimitz crewmembers that were extras in the movie.
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  13. Speaking of war movies, The Dirty Dozen was on tonight....an awesome classic.
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  14. Did you know Charles Durning was awarded the Bronze Star, Silver Star and Purple Heart In WWII?
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  15. Thought he died when the helicopter blew up?
  16. Halfway through watching the Sante Fe Trail with Erroll Flynn and Ronald Reagan.
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  17. Gained a new appreciation for Edith after seeing her in her lingerie. Also Tom's new girlfriend is pretty hot.
  18. Time travel is so confusing...
  19. alternate history has so much potential, loved this movie!
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