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Official World Cup 2018 Thread...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. I never was impressed with Kljestan. He was one of Bob Bradley's favorites and I never understood it. Great results at the club level, but never seemed sufficient for international competition. His persistent inclusion is one of the reason I made up the nickname Boob Bradley.
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  2. He was unbelievable with the ball at his feet and in one v one situations. Unfortunately for him and us, the game has a significant team component that requires some cerebral ability at which he never seemed as advanced.
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  3. Agreed. Obviously playing for fourteen teams speaks to this I’m betting.
  4. Tyler Adams - 19
    Weston McKennie - 19
    Cameron Carter Vickers - 20
    Matt Miazga - 22
    Eric Palmer Brown - 21
    Josh Sargent - 18
    Tim Weah - 18
    Christian Pulisic - 19

    That’s the future IMO.
  5. May we add Antonee Robinson to that as well? He sure did look good against that Bolivian B team, but it was a Bolivian B team also so take that with a grain of salt I guess...
  6. good list of young talent spread across the field

    biggest question to me is who is selected to build a team from those and the other parts available

    need someone with vision of what could be and an idea of how to do that by maximizing the talent
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  7. I’m rooting for Belgium and Uruguay. I’m sure Martinez will find a way to drew up Belgium but the talent is there. With Suarez and Cavani the Uruguayans have the firepower to compete with anyone. Still miss the Forlan from 2010, he was a beast.
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    not to rain on the bbc's parade, but this was shooting fish in a barrel

    talking with friends who have done business in o&g in africa for decades and it is an understatement to say everything in africa is up for sale and every conversation is a negotiation
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  9. Communist Sport.
  10. Up until 2 years ago, I was squarely in the "SOCCER IS GHEY! MERICA!" camp and made sure to make a comment any time soccer came up, until a friend of mine convinced me to start following a Euro club team (I think he meant for me to get into the EPL but I quickly became a Bayern fan). I now realize how stupendously annoying I was while doing that.
  11. It’s weird how they just can’t help themselves to go out of their way to make comments, I’ll never understand it.

    When I was in Germany forever ago on a school summer exchange thing, the town I was in had a little team, not even Bundesliga 3 level but they somehow managed to get an exhibition game with Bayern. It was so cool. I was just In this little old stone stadium watching one of the giants of Europe play...Jurgen Klinsmann still played for them then.
  12. That's awesome. A couple friends and I are going to Germany for Oktoberfest this fall, and I'm working on figuring out how to score some tickets to a Bayern match. Really hope I can get that done bc it would be an incredible experience.
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  13. Add anyone you’d like. That was by no means intended to be a complete list.
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  14. Since your allegiance to Bayern is still relatively nascent might I recommend a switch to Dortmund. Reasons are as follows:

    1) Picking Bayern is like picking the Yankees, Lakers, or Cowboys when you don't really have a geographical allegiance. People who pick front runners are annoying. For this reason, I'd also recommend you start following the EPL and pick Tottenham as your club of choice. COYS!

    2) Christian Pulisic may end up being the best American player we've ever had.
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  15. Looks like the Reich is going to make another run on Russian soil! Can the Rooski's beat them back again? Will the linesmen be Russians, as one famously was in the 1966 England vs Germany Final?

    The Russians should wear little T-34 patches on their jerseys!

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  16. except when dortmund eventually sells pulisic
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  17. Uruguayans won't make it out of group play, as Suarez's teeth will constantly be offside. With him essentially self-neutralized, they don't have a chance.
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  18. The answer was given earlier. Micropeens.
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