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Official World Cup 2018 Thread...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Yeah them. Clearly an expert opinion going on my end.
  2. Somebody doesn't know how to spell Morocco.

    How embarrassing.

    Edit: not sure what Ir Iran is either.
  3. This is one of the most 'murica things I've ever read. Try to sound a little less compassionate next time, geez...

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  4. Just grabbed off a google image search so no quality control on my part, sorry.
  5. No worries man, just threw me for a loop for a second.
  6. It looks like they’re celebrating but it also kind of looks like they’re about to beat that one girl with their sticks.
  7. Not on you. Just funny that someone would go to all the trouble of making that and spell a country wrong.
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  8. Indeed. I usually always check to see how they spell Brazil but this time I just grabbed the first thing ha.
  9. Look what happens when we simply flip the script. Sounds just as awful...
  10. Who pissed in your cheerios this morning? Get a grip dude, soccer is one of the fastest growing sports right now. Atlanta United averages over 40k per match, so do the Portland Sounders.
  11. No Italy and USA is laughable....
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  12. I hope those who appreciate the game and this great tournament will continue to post in this thread. #fightthreadhijacking
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  13. Dey good.
  14. Or Netherlands
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  15. Sorry about your micropeen
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  17. Almost like it had to happen to reset the momentum.
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  18. This is fake news. There won't be another World Cup until 2022.

    I'll probably follow this thread, but it'll make me rage every time. I'm still not over T&darninT.
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  19. Which one is the group of death this go round?
  20. What was the USA RPI?

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