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Official World Cup 2018 Thread...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. I don’t know and I haven’t heard many comments about it this time around either. If you look at those groups, it’s hard to pick one. There seems to be a fairly clear winner of each one with a fairly clear choice for second as well.

    Group D I guess could get the nod but I don’t think Nigeria is really all that. Maybe the Poland group but only because I feel like those teams are evenly matched but they certainly don’t scare a power team I would think.
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  2. It was apparently the CONCACAF hexagonal.
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  3. If this is soccer humour it is over my head.
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  4. What an awesome spectator sport......
    Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.26.48 PM.png
  5. It is. CONCACAF is the region the US plays in. The hexagonal is the final stage of regional WC qualifying. We couldn't finish as one of the top 4 teams in that group of 6, which is why we aren't currently in Russia.

    Calling our hexagonal the "group of death" is a joke bc the only world class federation in our region other than us is Mexico. Costa Rica is getting there, though. Either way, we should be able to qualify out of our region with our eyes closed and we didn't this time. Honduras advanced to a playoff and Panama qualified for the first time ever. Meanwhile, we went to the golf course in Trindad & darnin Tobago.

    I'm going to go evacuate my chow now.
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  6. Needless to say, I'm as excited as ever, and I'm certain that a very talented young England squad will be crapping the bed after showing just enough signs of life to revive my long-dead hope for national glory. My excitement for the tournament is sufficient to have led me to skim this thread. What did I get? A huge picture of a Germany jersey, some people griping as though its still the early 1990s and enjoying soccer is roughly equivalent to wiping your rear end on Old Glory while strangling a Bald Eagle chick, and a picture of Christiano Ronaldo basically naked. Thanks, y'all.
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  7. Good for Los Ticos.

    And I’m in the same page now. That was good soccer humour. I’m just a dumb dumb.
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  8. Maybe you should add an image for the three lions. They'll have my support.
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  9. Best quote I’ve seen in a very long time...

    Adolfo Machado, who plays for Panama and Houston, said of Mexico and their arrogance, “They think they’re the last Coca-Cola in the desert.”

    Looking forward to their usual round of 16 capitulation.
  10. I completely agree. I meant more to it sucking in regards to it always being nice to see the USA competing in international competitions.

    I think, as you and also Purp and Moose have alluded to, we should have qualified, we need changes, and hopefully this new infusion of youth will lead the way. They announced Earnie Stewart as general manager and I think that’s a good thing depending on what powers he is given...

    But I totally agree, changes must be made and I am somewhat fearful as well that they may not make them. The USSF has never been known for making the best decisions.
  11. Wow. Hell of a crack. Clean kits too. I dig.
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  12. Hopefully the departure of Sunil Gulati will change that decision making deficiency.

    Yes @TCURiggs I made that up.
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  13. You know what’s interesting is that MLS has actually helped all the other nations of CONCACAF, minus Mexico. I mean if not for a late late Zuzi goal 4 years ago, Panama would be going to back to back World Cups. The coaches don’t seem to play youngsters as much but hopefully that is finally changing this year. MLS is supposedly starting to push them to try to integrate more youth into their teams.

    I agree although I will say when Pulisic has played in the middle he has looked extremely promising. Really hope he continues to develop. Plus, Weston McKennie is a week in week out starter now.

    I honestly think this bunch of youngsters coming through truly has more promise than any we’ve ever seen.
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  14. Pulisic is terrific. Though he be but little, he is fierce. If he can stay healthy he's going to be great for a long time.

    In the past we've had promising young guys like that, but not as many as we have now. I too am excited to see how the young guys develop together.
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  15. I had zero idea the US has a youth movement going on in soccer currently
  16. Costa Rica is equal to Mex internationally if you ask me
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  17. Im going to enjoy the beauty of the game.
    I dont love the Argentines but i would dig Messi hoisting the trophy.

    I would also dig England winning, but i wont hold my breath.

    Im actively pulling for Los Ticos.
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  18. Based on potential, definitely...we’ll see if they fulfill that potential. There sure are some exciting players coming up, like legit hopefuls for once, not like Graham Zuzi and Sacha Kljestan type players.
  19. Whatever happened to Freddy Adu (sp?) Wasn’t he supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread?
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  20. He now plays for the Las Vegas Lights (very cool kits btw) in the USL. It is like his twelfth team or something crazy like that. Dude was all hype sadly. One of those who’s skill was better than all the young kids when he was young but when he got older it never advanced and everyone was able to catch up basically.

    Edit: Las Vegas is his 14th team.
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