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Official World Cup 2018 Thread...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. That has been the root of the issue IMO across all of US Soccer....Lazy evaluations and locking into players early, with those lists feeding the next set of lists which in turn feed website rankings and recruiting. Bottom line is the game just doesn't mean that much to the US public in general. In Europe or South America, the game isn't a matter life or death it's more important.

    Polls will show that soccer is increasing in popularity by leaps and bounds, but I don't see it ever ingrained in American DNA like the big 3 (football, baseball, and basketball). When I see US Soccer do what the Germans did (https://www.thenational.ae/arts-cul...-german-football-rose-from-the-ashes-1.131519 ) after the 2000 Euros flameout, then I'll know we're serious. Until then, we're just ham and eggers in the football world.
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  2. My german squad is St. Pauli
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  3. Didn’t they miss the World Cup because they didn’t win or tie enough matches? Is there more to the story?
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    Solid. I mean that’s a legit under the radar super passionate team. They really need to be back in the Bundesliga. But at least this year they get that awesome derby with Hamburg.
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  5. France starting a very strong team today...looks like their first team runout for next week.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Parker, Robinson, McKennie and Adams today.
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  6. I expect half of the starters to sub at half for France.
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  7. That’s the straight up simple facts explanation, yes. However, there was some major infighting and idiocy going on behind the scenes it appears, which didn’t help efforts.
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  8. Yeah, probably so.
  9. scheiss France.
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  10. Julian Green, he’s like that random super bowl player who wins the mvp and promptly does nothing ever again.
  11. Like Larry Brown?

    No Italy or Dutch helps my USMNT sorrows.
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  12. I watch 30 seconds and see a France goal. My bad
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  13. Hey, at least it wasn’t a World Cup match you started watching ha....
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  14. Solid solid effort by the young kids today. Defense played very well, Steffen was superb, and took advantage of the one real chance we were given.
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    I was in Italy a couple of weeks ago for business and literally nothing - it’s as if the World Cup wasn’t even happening - amazing difference compared to 4 years ago when a month before every bar had a sign advertising their watching events
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  16. I'm not so sure. I think he may develop into another young stud. The trick with him is finding the right position for him with the right system.
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  17. I’m hoping we’ve got something better moving forward. He looks like an extra to me. Hoping Sargent and Weah are the future there.
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  18. Doesn't a thread about a tertiary sport in which the US isn't participating belong in the Generally Bored forum?
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  19. You may be right, but I don't think we've seen his best yet. I do agree he's got a lot of competition to break the line-up consistently, though.

    I just don't know what he is yet other than extremely gifted with raw talent. I can see him excelling in a wing role in a 4-5-1 where he can run off people in space and show his ability 1 v 1. I can also see him as an attacking center mid in a 4-4-2, maybe even a 4-3-1-2. He's got ability that can help us; we just haven't figured out the best way to use it yet.

    He could end up being another promising young guy that we never figure out how to utilize well. Maybe he just never gets it.

    ETA: I also really like Wood and Morris up top. I don't think I love them together, but I like what each brings with a smaller sniper playing off of them.

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