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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Sad I never met you. This site has brought me so much entertainment and joy over the last 15 years. Thank you.
  2. The world will miss you, Wes. Thanks for making mine brighter.
  3. I’ve been gone from here for quite some time, and I came back to say Godspeed Wes and thank you for the great times I had on this site. All those who see this who knew and loved him, please know that you have my deepest sympathy.
  4. Via con dios Wes. Dating back to the ‘Tired’ days, you’ve been a staple and patriarch of the TCU interwebs. You’ve got lots of better people on this site because of your friendship, your not so subtle ‘ forum manner recalibrations’ and your overall positive kindness that infected everyone you interacted with. I am comforted to know that you are no longer suffering the physical limitations the frailty of the human body presents all of us with at one point in our lives. Rest easy my friend. Until we meet again some day. #NEGU
  5. Damn. Memories sweet, comrades true.
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  6. Rest well Wes. I truly appreciate the advice and uplifting conversations we shared over the years.
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    Book of common prayer.
    Numbers 6:24-26 also:
    May The Lord bless and keep you.
    May He make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.
    May He lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

    Our world was and remains a better place for Wes having been here...hope when the time comes some will say the same of all of us.
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  8. I have been dreading such a post for some time now, knowing it would come.

    Met Wes in the flesh for the first time a bunch of years ago, when Killerfrogs had their first tailgate party out at ACS. I had purchased a case of Pacifico beer and had it iced down in a big cooler, as I said I'd "buy everybody a beer!" Wes drove by the place I was staying (old mossbacked Frogs who own a house nearby the Stadium) to pick up the beer, and we had a nice introduction. "Hi, Wes, I'm Brewingfrog! Here's some beer!" He came on in the house, met everybody, and then I helped him get the ice chest into his vehicle to take down to the tailgate. "Come on down soon! There'll be a lot of guys you should meet!" He drove off, and I had to wait on everybody else, and wound up missing the whole thing. Made the game (barely!), and Wes brought the cooler back later on.

    Through these many years, we got to talk at various Froggish events: a baseball game, basketball, Killerfrogs luncheons. The first luncheon at Mama's Pizza. We had a good talk at the Luncheon at the distillery two years ago, and I was hopeful then that he'd pull through. But, alas...

    This thing that Wes built through the years has been a near-constant in my life. It has been a conduit to what is happening in Frogdom, a sounding board for all sorts of silliness, plenty of laughs, and the deeply somber moments like this one. Life, it's ownself...

    While I like to think of Wes and Scott having a rich laugh at all our expense, I also like to think that Was is getting a perfect martini from someone he has missed terribly.

    Beer hoisted skyward.

    P.S. If somebody doesn't put together a wake, I'm gonna be pissed!
  9. Already in the works. Announcement soon.
  10. Rest In Peace brother. I’ve been a part of this site for about as long as Wes. I too remember the old Bob Chats on the original Frog Fan Forum. Those were some really fun times...I had to be one of only a few college football players who were actively involved on his school’s chat site back around 1994/1995. Anyway, I will miss our time together and am blest to have spent time with Wes in person. I’m happy he is now pain free and at peace. God speed.

  11. Details coming out tonight... it will be a whisky toast to Wes...

    I’ll keep you posted.
  12. Rest in Peace Wes....I have enjoyed lowering office productivity for many years.

    Don't know what we would have done without you.
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    Rest in peace my friend. Mrs. Navy and I have been truly blessed to have known you. You put up a great fight agains all odds and would have made Dutch proud. You will be greatly missed.
  14. Just heard about Wes passing. He was a true Frog fan and a good man as well. Seems like not too long ago that we were helping him with the loss of his son and now they're together having a drink that has been long overdue.

    RIP Wes Phelan

    Condolences to Claire and his family.
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  15. I was lucky enough to meet Wes in person three times. He awarded me the TCU Hover Helmet which sits in my office as part of a KFC contest. I got to meet him for lunch when he came up for a doctor’s appointment. We had Miller’s BBQ, which he said was one of his favorites. Then I got to visit with him again while we watched Andrew Sullivan do a show in Salado.
    He was definitely one of a kind and he made all of our world’s brighter with his kindness. He will be missed!
    Prayers for his family and friends.
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  16. RIP Wes. You impacted a great many lives. I have no idea what I would have otherwise done with all the time I've spent on KillerFrogs.
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  17. I had been on KFC going back to Don’s newsletter, but hadn’t met Wes in person yet. Met him at a TCU fish fry that was in the old north end zone of ACS. Man was desperately looking for a bottle opener for his craft beer he brought in.
  18. I picked the wrong week to give up drinking. Going to pour a bourbon right now and raise a glass to Wes.
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  19. Heard the news earlier, but just now getting to the board. Started reading the first page and realized I didn't need to read any further. Everyone will say the same thing about Wes: incredible guy. He went through a lot in his life, and still acted with more grace and kindness than most people will ever know. That's impactful. RIP
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