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Waymon is out for the year

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BoondocksFrog, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Okay.

    Devils advocate here...but...how many blitzes have we seen so far this year? how many new sets have we seen this year? how much vanilla defense and offense have we seen this year?

    Maybe GP is not showing Tucker for a reason?
  2. The ONLY bright spot to this whole episode: Somewhere out there, Aggie Angst is sharing this information, IN BOLD, in painful detail, to dozens of fan boards to people who could care less. It brings a smile to my face to think of it.
  3. The sky just keeps falling! I bet the stadium won't even be ready for the first home game!!!!!!!!

    Why don't we just let Casey play RB? Boykin is a better QB anyway.
  4. http://espn.go.com/dallas/ncf/story/_/id/8399902/tcu-loses-top-rusher-waymon-james-rest-season
  5. I guess its true

  6. With as powerful as our offense is, we will be able to come up with new schemes and possibly improve our offense. Time to stop playing so conservatively. This is the Big 12. You win by scoring quick.
  7. Will Rick Settle work? Left the team to focus on academics.
  8. Tucker is a fine player and could be a feature back on many other teams. That said HCGP is not saving him for when the schedule heats up. WJ is a special player while Tucker is a good back, there is a big difference. At the end of day the WJ loss is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back. No team could emotionally, physically, or strategically manage the player losses we have had upon our entry to big 12. A loss to Virginia would not be a shock given the circumstances.
  9. Permaban for Joe Schad, Stefan and anyone who posts links to articles. How dare they engage in rumor-spreading. GP said Waymon was a game-time decision! Unless TCU posts Waymon's MRI on the front page of the school Web site and GP performs the surgery himself it is still a RUMOR!!!!
  10. DB I don't want to be banned but I need some warning points stat
  11. I thought that too. The article says "out for season" and "Gary Patterson said, game-time decision"
    Odd to put both in same article.
    Goo is still optimistic that Way-J isn't out for season.
  12. Yeah.. I think he is done...

  13. Rick is one of the smartest kids in the entire Neeley School of Business. He was offered an extremely prestigious internship this summer that would have been stupid not to turn down. So not necessarily for "academics." More like "for his career." The guys a stud... he's gonna be making big time money.
  14. do athletes wear this to prevent acl injury or to protect it from another?

  15. Shut your mouth
  16. Yeah, that hot chick from TDaVC:

  17. The original Slayer.
  18. (Long list of expletives)
  19. Partially true..... but there were many many times GP used Tucker in short yardage situation over EW and WJ in 2011. One of the reasons Tucker's ypc was lower than the other 2. In 2009 as a HS-FR Tucker was our 2nd leading rusher behind Joseph Turner, leading the team with 6.4 ypc ahead of RS-FR EW with 6.3 ypc., our 3rd leading rusher.

    So, wouldn't give up on Big Plays on the ground just yet. We also have a kid who had 12.2ypc in a 5A HS league similar to WJs 11.3 ypc HS league. The only difference is WJ spent a RS year in the system 1st and Catalon is fresh out of HS... but so was Tucker 4 years ago. Both James and Catalon entered TCU at 5'8" at 190 w/sub 4,5 speed and double didgit ypc.

    Plus ... we haven't seen enough of Dean behind the 1st OL to know what he really can do with the ball. So it's not quite time to panic or become hysterical about our rushing attack, yet. Believe we can still offer at least a 60/40 balanced attack.

    Cheers !

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