The Jamie Dixon MBB Recruiting Thread

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  1. We have a scholly open and Deontae Hawkins transfer from Illinois St by way of BC has reopened his recruitment. I remember him being athletic and a pretty good defender.
  2. Should be a great trip for the players and sure a little recruiting on the side

  3. I see where the 7 ft center true Freshman from W. Kentucky was given his release yesterday. He was a 5* recruit. Could there be any interest from Dixon in this kid? He hasn't even played in a game yet.
  4. Anyone know details of what is going on with Kevin Samuel?

    Apparently he is not working out and is not going to Australia because of some paperwork issues
  5. Dixon said that Samuel and Mayen will be here in the fall, but both will miss this trip while they finish up qualification issues.
  6. I was wondering the same....Would love to get this kid
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  7. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. He was expected to be a one and done kid but since he enrolled at WKU and participated in practices he has to sit a year unless given a waiver. If he goes D1 I suspect it will be closer to home at LSU.

    It was a shady deal from the start with his godfather at WKU.
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  8. Is this good?

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    6-9/220 PF with offers from OkieSt, TAMU, IoSt, LSU, Mizzery and Hous, Kendric Davis mentioned he was one of the area kids he was working hard to get. Took his official at TCU in June 2016 with his mom.

    Not a lot of film on him but from 2016 summer:

  10. Barlow is a beast defensively and a rim protector. His offense is still a work in progress but he has all the tools to be a dynamic all around player.
  11. PF from SC

    Dontarius James 6-7/215 Kershaw, SC (Huntington Prep) offers inc Kansas, UAB, UMass and others

  12. Weird picture to use. Old collesium and we're losing SDSU.
  13. IIRC, there was no shame in struggling vs that SDSU team. We weren't the only ones...
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  14. 2018 G/F Talen Horton-Tucker 6-6 Chicago, Ill (Simeon)

  15. Liking our chances to land another 2018 player in the next two weeks.
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  16. with the depth on the roster, it only makes sense to get a super recruit with the last open scholarship. no reason to take a role player with the number of good players.


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