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The Jamie Dixon MBB Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. SIAP:  Looked for a MBB recruiting thread and found some Bolden/Dixon hiring/semi-topical threads but nothing really on the topic of recruiting generally.  Thought we should start one with one scholly open and at least 4 spots to recruit to for 2017. 
    First, an update on Bolden from a Kentucky website:
    (Summary: Kentucky the favorite with TCU way behind, but Bolden wants to sit down with each of Calipari, K and Dixon before making a decision)
    Second, a 2016 Pitt commit just re-opened his recruitment today. No indication re: TCU--early speculation is he stays East Coast, but we'll see if CJD chases after the Virginia 3-star PF to come with him to FW (only Big 12 offer right now is WVU):
    Third, Dixon offered 2018 FW Country Day SF Chris Smith:
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  2. Exciting to have optimism about basketball again
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  3. Again?
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  4. I think you have to go and try to get a center with that last spot for 2016. We don't have anyone behind Shepherd now with the departure of Abron who can hold his own on the post. Dixon has talked to Bolden, but it was a bit of a long shot to begin with and it is looking like a bigger one now.

    One player to keep an eye on is 6'10 C Jordy Tshimanga, Link's younger and more talented little brother, who has family in Dallas and was offered by Dixon when he was at Pitt. Jordy is a nationally ranked as the #24 C in the 2016 class and is a great rebounder. He has picked up several high major offers this spring including Arizona and Baylor.

    Good to see Jamie already trying to get things established with local stars for the 2017-18 classes.
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  5. Any potential graduate transfer big men out there?  Seems like that is a great avenue to fill gaps these days.
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  6. Pretty slim pickings for centers who have announced that they are transferring so far.
  7. Again, no mention of TCU, but another Pitt decommit:
    3-star combo guard out of Lynchburg, VA (Pitt was by far his best offer)
    Note, he actually already signed, and at his meeting with new Pitt HC Kevin Stallings asked for a release, and this is all per his dad.  
  8. Might be wrong but I think his name is Sean Smith not Chris.
  9. Is Dixon doing all of the recruiting by his self right now, or does he have someone helping him?
    No clue, but Director of HS Relations Robert Wright is still on the roster (all assistant coaches removed). 
  11. Haha, it seems impossible now but I once sat in a sold out and rocking DMC watching a TCU team play that would eventually hear it's name called on selection Sunday.
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    Must be an age-related thing.  Or long term memory, for the really old.
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  13. 1968?
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  14. Must have been '70 or so.  Late in the Swaim coaching career, although Coach Swaim stuck around for a few more years.  DeGrate (sp?) was a very good player that got a lot of press.
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    Interesting? There is a Sean Smith on their roster and no Chris but his profile says Chris?
  16. Feels like it, but 1998. I was 17 and had just decided on TCU for college that fall. Football was 1-10 that year. It was like bizarro TCU.
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  17. Some of us have rings.
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  18. Think his name is Chris-Sean or his middle name is Sean. Goes by both though. Kid reclassified this year and dropped back to C/O 2018. He can ball
  19. EDIT: Parrish signed, nm

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