The Jamie Dixon MBB Recruiting Thread

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  1. 2018 recruit, not for this year.
  2. Feron Hunt is deciding at 5pm between TCU, Baylor, And Tulsa. 247 has him as the #13 player in the state and I've seen him listed anywhere from 6'6 to 6'8. If he commits to the Frogs, and I think our chances are good, we will have three highly rated Texas HS kids coming in, plus McWilliam. I like it, I like it a lot.
  3. Hmmm.... maybe it is happening in 24 hrs and not two weeks. Feron from what I'm hearing had an amazing visit loved the football game and loved the staff..... it's always great beating Baylor. Great player
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  4. He tweeted it out so the "maybe" can be removed .
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  5. Top ranked player in Oklahoma preps:


  6. Great pickup for the Frogs, another guy who does a lot of things well and had a monster summer.
  7. He has major major upside
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  8. This kid is just touching the surface of his talent. He's a 4 star on Scout and 3 star on 247 and a top 150 from both services. Huge pickup.

    Welcome to TCU, Feron.
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  9. Just a question for those who care.

    Did you ever think TCU would ever be in this position for recruits?
  10. Yes, with the right staff. TCU is a very trendy school throughout the country. I am out of state and can't tell you how many really well-rounded, intelligent kids call TCU their dream school. When I got there in 2001 (came from out of state), some people only knew who TCU was because of LT. "Is it D1?" was a common question when I announced where I was going for those who weren't big college football fans.

    You can buy a basketball program. If you spend the $ on facilities and a coaching staff, all it takes is a handful of recruits and you are instantly back to being somewhat relevant. Football isn't that easy to flip around, unless you are cheating. Seriously, look at those schools that instantly shoot to the top, sanctions follow shortly afterwards. Can't think of anyone off the top of your head? I'll help---Baylor.

    Great things are ahead of us, so enjoy the ride up!
  11. Yes but only with out of state kids.

    TCU still gets downplayed by many of the in-state recruits' coaches/advisors/trainers, but out of state, most people love TCU.

    I had the incredible opportunity to visit Minneapolis, Maui, Chicago and Boston this year, and in all 4 places, people wanted to talk TCU after seeing my hat.
  12. How many more do we take in this class?
  13. The image of TCU(and SMU) at least in DFW is that of rich/elite school... and by looking at the current tuition, I would not blame them.

    I didn't go to highschool here so I am not sure how the current younger crowd sees TCU. I am sure with the rise of TCU athletics, it's pretty attractive if you can afford to attend.

    I would be drooling for a scholarship offer from TCU.
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  14. We are doing very well in TX. I think 3 of our 2017 signees were Texans? and the 3 for 2018 are Texans. Think we have turned that corner.
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  15. That's what I want to know...we still have a ton of guys who have us in there top. Yet, we seem full?
  16. anyone hear anything on season tickets? renewal deadline was august 31 and haven't seen anything about renewal %/# and when/if upgrades are happening (i checked the upgrade box). renewal isn't showing up in my order history yet either.

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