The Jamie Dixon MBB Recruiting Thread

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  1. Same with me and I haven't heard anything yet either. Time to fire up the ATO search light!
  2. I believe we have one spot open. I'm assuming you recruit hard til you fill that spot and plus unknowns since the college basketball landscape has also changed with the # of transfers and if players become ineligible due to academics etc
  3. By my math we are full, but we clearly haven't shut things down. Landing Kaden Archie would be huge, like top 10 class in the country huge.
  4. But can we get him here once he commits? any foreseeable issues there like a few guys this year?
  5. Y'all may want to check my math, but:

    NCAA allows 13 scholarships
    TCU presently has 12 scholarship players (12 of 13)
    Vlad, Hamdy & Williams graduate this year (9 of 13)
    4 commits: Davis, Hunt, Barlow, McWilliams (13 of 13)

    That's a full roster for 2018-19, assuming all 4 commits qualify and make it in, and no one transfers out.
  6. MBB season ticket upgrades are Monday (or at least start Monday). Emails going out this AM.

    By my count there are 797 seats available.

    37 available in the 100 level (mostly in pairs). Rest are 200s.

    New sales come after upgrades. Better jump on the bandwagon. Few buy just 1, so there's really just 300-400 slots max for new season ticket holder accounts.
  7. Thanks for info. I bet I get shut out.
  8. I upgrade Monday at 3pm. Definitely not as many TCU season ticket holders for BBall but it makes me feel like I'm moving up in the Priority Point world to be on Monday.
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  9. Called ticket off. Upgrades are only Monday and Tuesday.
  10. I upgrade on Monday too but my seats are pretty good in section 211 so I'm likely to stand pat.
  11. Yea, few upgrades available.
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    I pick soon. We have 4 tickets, 2 upper and 2 lower. Not looking like I'll get to move the upper seats down.

    But sitting here watching someone desperately try to select 2 out of a set of 3 in section 101 and someone else try to select 1 of a set of 2 in section 105 is hilarious/sad. You can't leave a single, fam. Try as you might, they won't let you. Read the instructions.
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  13. FYI: All OOC game times and tv have been released. Every home OOC game except Yale (4 pm) is at 8 pm CT. All home OOC games air on FSSW or FSSW+ except the opener vs ULM (on FCS) and William and Mary (FrogVision).
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  14. Looks like I'll be standing pat. Got to move down last year but doesn't look like I'll get to move any lower. Nothing left in the lower bowl but singles. Luckily I already have great seats. Wife's happy with them. Good luck to everyone else. If you don't have season tickets, get some. There's really not a bad seat in the house.
  15. Very true. Arena is small enough that all seats are great.

    You can get on the waiting list (no deposit required) through the ticket office website. They'll go to the waiting list after the upgrades and before doing public sales.
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  16. Anyone know how the Kaden Archie visit went? He is probably the one kid we would take that has us in his top schools. Faron Hunt and Kendric Davis were here as well. Go get him, guys.
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  17. Hearing the visit went well and from what I understand hopefully a decision sometime after LSU visit
  18. Picked today around 3ish. Didn't have the opportunity to upgrade.

    There were some singles available in the lower bowl and inventory in the 200s was very limited. Expect us to sell out this year.
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  19. Coach and staff have been busy looking at Josh Green and offering top 150 2019 wing CJ Walker. Still working hard on top 150 PF Reggie Chaney. The staff is going to every end to improve the team.
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  20. Down to us and SMU supposedly

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