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TCU vs Sam Houston Saturday Night Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ron Swanson, May 31, 2014.

    Best summary was written by Get Your Frogs Up over in the HASMSP thread:  When asked if we won, he replied, "We didn't and then we did."
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  2. Watched the end of the game on a highway off ramp in Colorado on my iPhone. Watched the game at a family BBQ, coffee shop, hookah bar, and Raising Canes parking lot. #interwebzftw
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  3. Been home only a few minutes - good grief, what a game.  This was the longest game in TCU's Baseball History.
    We've been out there for all the games, so far, but the 1430 affair later today, we may not see in person. Can't wait to see some quality shots of the game; my phone pictures are crappy.
    Shower time.  See you guys a little later, after my "nap". :smile:
  4. Haha...I was kidding. Didn't think anyone would take me seriously. I was there watching with J-Sauce, SnowSki, Spike and Satis. Unreal. I was ready to give Sam major props but after the way their coach and a few players acted they aren't deserving of any.
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  5. Phormer, add Sam's fans to that list as well. Walked through their crowd on the way out and they were pretty vocal. Shocked I didn't see any punches thrown.
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  6. Holy balls.
  7. Finally back after the post game interviews... the SHSU coach's meeting with the press was, well, let's just say it was tense. I'll get video up tomorrow, or perhaps later tonight if I can't sleep... because that was freaking amazing!
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  8. Wow, just got back home from the game.  Never thought it would end, then had to drive about an hour.  Wow - an experience, to say the least.
  9. The crowd was absolutely amazing tonight. And when the team gathered to sing our song, the crowd called for Boomer. The rest of the team pushed him forward, and he took a bow.

    Great night.
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  10. I was amazed at how many stayed the entire game and how loud they were. I was spent. My voice was weak and my hands and feet were sore. Yet others were going strong like it was 7 PM.
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  11. Ditto, the crowd was amazing and stayed loud the last two innings. After 22 innings I discovered I had ruptured a blood vessel in my right hand and it's now grotesquely swollen--just glad we won.
  12. I was never a fan of Matt Berry when he was in town but he just gave a double frog sign on Sportscenter and mentioned Schloss by name.
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  13. Yikes. Get some ice on that thing. Is Scott ok? The big man looked to be on his last leg after the game.
  14. Yeah he was doing well, the win gave him a second, or was it a fourth, wind. I feel bad though as he still had an hour's drive ahead of him.
    Just saw that too!  Awesome! 
  16. Wes didn't offer up his couch?
  17. Not that I'm aware of, but given the rush after that game I feel like I can drive to Austin right now.
  18. Amazing what happens when you have 21 innings to think of new cheers/chants/sounds!! I think my group started it, and others after the game asked me where it came from!! Really?? It's called delirium!!
  19. Just got home from Ol' South. A few fans of both teams. SHSU fans in the booth next to us were rehashing the interference call. That was easily the most bizarre sporting event I've ever attended in person. Just an incredible night. Our crowd was awesome. Really made me proud to be a TCU fan tonight. Can't wait to head back tomorrow night! Thank God we won because 2:30 would've been rough.
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