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TCU vs Sam Houston Saturday Night Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ron Swanson, May 31, 2014.

  1. Looking at this, that dude had nothing in mind other than breaking up the throw.   He doesn't even start his slide until he's on the bag.    The correct call was made.
  2. Amazing game. So tired.

    Shsu has a great ball club.
    Yea, anyone would have been upset but a couple of these guys are bonkers. A fan talking violence at bearkatnation while another posting the umps business and contact info. Couple of internet bad ass gomers.
  4. I passed out. Is it over????
    Ha Ha
  6. Now, we need the SHSU/Siena game to go 14-15 innings or so...
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  7. From Katfans.com

    That 2nd base umpire sure earned his purple paycheck tonight. Unbelievable. That s.o.b. single handedly beat us. He screwed us over not once, but TWICE on [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] calls. Judgement calls at that...and the dumbass didn't even get them right! The outcome of a game should never be decided by a judgement call.

    scheiss TCU and their piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] umpires.


  8. Stay classy, Huntsville.
    Only thing surprising about this is that they actually have a fan board.  I was wondering if they did and had decided that it wasn't likely.
    that has now posted links to the umpire's business website and his linked in account--  a computer refurb - retail business near Birmingham, Alabama.  I wonder if the posters on katfans know where Alabama is.  Dumbasses.
  11. The gist of the SH fans on there is that SH tried to stay classy and congratulate TCU but the TCU fans are such arrogant [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ] that they just chanted TCU and brushed them aside. We're new money white trash essentially.
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  12. New money? Um, we are definitely old money white trash thank you very much!
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  13. Quote from the SH board, "Those rich [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ] paid off the Umpire".
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  14. I'm saying....
  15. anyone have video of Boomers hit in the 22nd?
  16. One of those three words describes the SHSU fans on the internet today/last night, and it isn't classy.
  17. There were maybe 5-6 drunk fratties last night who went and tried to start stuff with players families. A large majority of us walked on by.
  18. In fairness I doubt there is a sports fan base in the world that could stomach losing that game in that way. A few vocal knuckleheads on a fan forum don't bother me. Publishing the official's personal information is bush league for sure, however.

    It's time to whip Siena!!
    Edit: Or SHSU if it come to that but I hope not for a variety of reasons
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  19. Gee, chanting TCU is such poor sportsmanship.
    I feel sorry for the Bearkat players having to be coached dirty by such a POS coach.  I've never seen anyone deliberately stick their elbow in to try to get hit.  Dirty garbage.  I assume the coach told him to do it.
  20. Leaning in to get hit while making it look like you are turning away is an art form and taught,

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