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TCU vs Sam Houston Saturday Night Game Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ron Swanson, May 31, 2014.

  1. I think the should spell Huntzville with a K and make the H silent.
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  2. Sometimes it's the only cure for Cron's Disease.
  3. At least it will be a short walk over to the big house if that crime is committed
  4. Voice? What voice? :biggrin:
  5. Love it.

    Baseball and softball have many rules that can be difficult to understand. I was coaching a game yesterday where a girl swung at an inside pitch that hit her. Doesn't matter that she swung and missed; if it was out of the strike zone and hit her she's awarded first. A runner hit by a batted ball after it has passed the infielders (if they're playing in, as is common in softball) is NOT out.

    Wag or whoever was giving someone grief about knowing the rules. My knowledge of the rules has helped our team avoid outs, score runs, and win games.

    There are some crazy rules and situations.

    But, one point for the batter and one point for every runner on base :)
  6. We walked through the range in front of a firing squad and came away unscathed. It's a miracle.
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  7. And 2 bloopers that should have been caught and a line drive that Odell dropped allowed this statement to be true. We played with fire in a nuclear power plant.
  8. 28 total runs in 52 innings at the Fort Worth regional.
  9. Froglaw drove. He was fading and we had a 45 minute drive home. I wanted to stay but he made the call so we bailed.

  10. I guy in our section kept yelling about "Cheyenne" to shsu's #8 after the first interference. Can anyone explain the reference?

    "Cheyenne was great"
    "Cheyenne says hi!"

    I'm thinking ex-gf heckle

    You should have been able to make it a few more hours because these lawyers don't have to be back in their coffins until sunrise.
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    I heard that man through the TV. I thought somebody was Hootie Hoo'ing and I died.
  13. Stripper name, IMO*
  14. Thanks for sharing that. I felt bad for Sam bc of that call. After reading that last page of the non-houston thread I don't feel bad. One poster there did an excellent job of articulating the relevant nuances of the applicable rule and illustrating it with video replay evidence. I don't like the rule, but the ump did not miss that call. It's not even close.
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  15. I'm trying to find out about super regional dates, IF we are so fortunate as to advance.  I know half are Fri-Sun and half Sat-Mon, but does anyone know if they are already pre-slotted or is it TV determined once the super field is set?
    Same for Omaha.  Half of the teams start on Sat, half on Sun.  Is it already pre-slotted that we map to one vs the other, IF we are so fortunate as to advance?
  16. There's a poster named "Cooder" who keeps toeing the SHSU company line in that shaggy thread. Can't help but wonder if that was our SHSU announcer friend.
  17. Just woke up. Did all that really happen? We will be talking about that game for the rest of our lives. Really makes me think that something special is possible with this team. I don't recall Brian Howard pitching this year, but he was phenomenal, as was Teakell.

    BTW, the unsung hero of this game is Kyle Freaking Bacak. That was the most amazing display of catching I've ever seen. I couldn't even squat like that for two innings, much less 22. Unbelievable job Kyle!
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  18. Who catches today?  Bacak has played 33 innings in the last two days. 
  19. Betting on Bacak.
  20. Bacak is catching for sure. It's the postseason he can rest in July

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