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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. My first ever internet flame war was with “Tired” on the old original FFF, so I suppose you could say Wes took my internet virginity. I especially appreciated him taking my wife’s suggestion when I PMed him the day after the Frogs historic Alamo Bowl comeback that he should put “Riff BRAM Bah Zoo” on the banner of KF.c. It was up in 2 minutes. He left it there for weeks and let me know in reply that he understood the value of keeping the wives happy. I have led the league in reduced office productivity ever since the site(s) began. Big Frog II is neck and neck with me though. We will carry on for Wes, Scott, Dan, et al with heavy hearts and purple blood. Vaya con Dios.
  2. Rest In Peace my dear friend. You are a great friend and I will miss you greatly.

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  3. 'May the Lord Bless You and Keep You'......RIP, Wes
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  4. So sorry for your loss! Ralph behind us in our old football seats and over the years became part of our Frog Family! So hard to be at games when so much changes...thankful for those who remain. I’m so sorry for your loss! I know Scotty was happy to see him Home! And Wes was pumped to find him there!
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  5. What a brave man. Thank you Wes, for touching all of our hearts with the dignity and class you possessed, especially in your final days. I agree with another poster that this should be called the Scott and Wes or Wes and Scott Frog Fan Forum. Rest in peace.
  6. We will truly miss you, but God has you in paradise with Him and where things are now wonderful. We will remember you as we post and use your memory to keep things focused and positive on TCU. You were one of the best.
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  7. The finality of this unfortunately expected announcement is more than sobering. Wes handled this last chapter of his life openly on the board, as he did with the loss of his son and the loss of his dear friend Scott. He did that with class and humor. He and his family (and the TCU fan family) were given a beautiful gift this last year of knowing the end was coming and being able to say what needed to be said, and do what needed to be done, over an extended period. Wes made the most of that gift, even to the original post in this thread. What a beautiful spirit.

    He sought justice, loved mercy, and walked humbly with his God. We are all better for having known him.

    Someone please post details on services, etc., when they are available.
  8. God bless you Wes. Thank you for your contribution to Horned Frog nation. You will be missed and remembered often.
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  9. When I was on the TCU beat, nothing made me happier than breaking down the future of the programs with Wes (and Scott). They were so good to me when I was a young reporter working for the Skiff and made me feel like I was an important part of the beat media and the TCU community from Day 1 to my last day at the Star-T. Just honored I had the chance to call those two my friends. I certainly know I wouldn't be the reporter and person I am today without the support I had from Wes.

    My prayers and well wishes to his family and the KF.c fam.

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  10. Thank you, Wes, for being a wonderful example to all of us on how to handle the tribulations of life with grace, courage, honesty and openness. Many a day over the last year I have thought about you and how you define what it is to be a good human being. Bless you, my friend.
  11. RIP Wes, God speed my friend, we’ll definitely miss you!
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  12. God bless you man, will pray for you and your family.
  13. I'm just an old, short-timer here, but I observed Wes as a calm voice of reason when voices became a bit loud and shrill over the typical issues that divide a passionate group. He was a guy I really wish I had met. Godspeed...
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  14. Wes was a special person. From when we met in the attic RTF TV studio in Ed Landrith watching the coeds sunbathing from the fire escape, to scheissing with Larry Lauer, we had a fun time. Go with God, classmate, and keep them laughing up there...
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    Fabulous gesture on FFF's part to put the picture up with Scottie and Wes. That's outta sight with class. We'll miss those two a lot in the future.

    Just look at that picture and the personalities of those two just lights up the joint. That little yellow ducky for Scottie in his bathrobe says it all. Love it.....
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  16. A few years ago, Wes had mentioned his son's (Cameron?) favorite pub in NYC where he was living.
    A damn yankee frog friend of mine (who, ironically passed of the same disease as Wes last week) was working in that 'hood and said he knew of it. I asked him to stop by, get some pictures and memorabilia and mail to Wes, which he did.
    Wes really appreciated a picture of the bar stool with his son's name on it.
    I wish I had met him while we were at TCU back in the early 70s.
    Voya con Dios, Amigo,
  17. RIP Wes, you certainly will be missed just as Scott is. Thank you for all your hard long work. Rest easy now.
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  18. Frog nation lost one of it's best. I was only able to meet Wes a few times (all on frog bus trips), but each of those times left a lasting impression on me and my family.

    I truly feel a sense of loss. Rest in piece Wes
  19. Rest in Peace Wes.

    This little community has lost some good men and great frog fans over the years and it truly sucks! But thank you Wes for the example you set.
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