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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. I never met Wes. I pray to God that when my time comes I am able to handle it with half the courage and grace that he exhibited.
  2. Oh my I'm so sorry to read this. RIP Wes. I knew he was sick but just didn't expect to come on here and see this tonight.

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and all his many friends.
  3. Always appreciated the way you handled the madness on this site, some of which I helped create. You were always a stabilizing force and a word of sound reason!
    You are a class act!

    God bless you!
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  4. Wes was a guy I never got to see face to face, talked on the phone with him, exchanged a lot of text messages. Was a guy with a great sense of humor. He will be missed, our Lord received a good one in Wes, with respect to his family he is now in no pain and in a better place.
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  5. The new year is almost upon us now. Won't be the same without you Wes. Adios podner. Gone but not forgotten.
  6. Man, I miss Wes.

    By the way, I searched Wes on the googles and found some articles he wrote. He was an excellent writer.
  7. Miss you man.
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  8. Miss you, my friend.

    (and your farewell deserves the top spot.)
  9. He’s looking down from a better place thinking he didn’t have to go through this virus crap and putting in a good word for having football!
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  10. Wes, out of the blue I thought of you today. We could use your steady presence during these unsteady times.
  11. I've definitely thought of Wes a few times right before hitting "Post Reply" on a post in the Covid thread that broke at least half of the forum rules. Sorry Wes.
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  12. Please make this post Sticky again. It deserves to be on top, in honor of Wes.
  13. If y’all want it back up, let me know, but please note unsticking this was requested after 6 months had past.
  14. Personally I’d prefer it be pinned but would gladly defer to Wes’ wishes in this regard. Regardless...this thread cannot be lost.
  15. Agree. If it was Wes wishes.
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  16. Doesn't seem like a coincidence that the world went to [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] as soon as Wes left us.

    Miss you man.
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  17. I'd like it to be back up top, simply because it make me think of Wes every time I visit the site and I'm reminded of all the good things did. But like Pharm, I'll defer to his wishes. Thanks TxFrog1999.
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  18. I’d like to know who went out of their way to send in a message to a forum moderator to unsticky this thread.
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    I think TxFrog1999 was inferring that it was Wes's wish for it to be unpinned after 6 months.
  20. Wes' wish it looks like. He underestimated the love we still feel for him.

    It feels much better to me seeing it up top, I'd like to see it back there. He would understand.

    God, I miss those guys...:(

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