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Just for fun-what's on your bucket list?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, May 11, 2018.

  1. That’s my problem as well.
  2. Ryder Cup used to be pretty far up my list, but I had a buddy go and said it’s pretty miserable the first two days because they only have 4 groups out at a time. Still would love to go to one in Europe or at Bethpage in a couple years though
  3. No bucket list for me.

    I've "been there, done that" to my heart's content.

    Don't see a need to revisit the past or set lofty goals for the future.

    Just enjoying life one day at a time.
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  4. Europe has 44 countries. If we stay for another year we will have seen 35.
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  5. Jealous. I didnt realize you moved to Europe.
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  6. I'm told Andorra is quite nice...
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  7. I bow hunt and in December 2016 I shot a nice 11 point. I made a pretty poor shot and hit him a little back from where I was aiming. After searching for weeks and even calling a professional deer-tracker with tracking dogs, I finally gave up. I was sick about it and traded in my bow for a crossbow this season.

    Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago and I get a text from my uncle saying he had stumbled onto what remained of my buck about a mile north of where I shot him....


    I took him into the taxidermist and got them to clean him up and dye the antlers back to their natural color...


    Scored at 154” B&C, ties for 2nd biggest buck ever taken off our place and 1st biggest buck with a bow.

    I’m still upset we didn’t find him directly after shooting him, but at least now I know what happened and can close that chapter. Beautiful rack and a cool mount on the wall.

    He was definitely an older deer, at least 5.5 yrs old.
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  8. ...and Liechtenstein.
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  9. Headed up to do Machu Picchu tomorrow #humblebrag. Very excited. So many great activities on all these lists. I do my best to get out and try to do something new and cool every year. I don't have a list, but it it fun to find something interesting, educational, beautiful or whatever and see if I can make it happen on a limited budget. Just starting Peru, flew here on miles with my niece and we are planning to stay a month on about $1500 each. BTW, the TCU national championships in football and baseball are 1 and 1A on my mental list
  10. What about the Grand Duchys?
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  11. Attend a TCU National Championship sporting event (especially a basketball one).
    Visit Europe
    Play golf in Scotland and some distilleries.
    Attend a Champions League final (especially a Chelsea one).
    Visit Australia and New Zealand
    Ride the Canadian RR from coast to coast.
    Spend a summer in various mountain locations camping.
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  12. I just want to ride this damn motorcycle without crashing. That’s all for now.
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  13. You should trade in for one of those 3 wheeled motorcycles, or just a convertible.
  14. Here's hoping this doesn't win a prize for best last post.
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  15. That’s awesome. Post some pictures of Macchu Picchu when you get back. Safe travels.
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  16. Re: Peru

    Beware the pisco sour.
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  17. Could be. I've been to Tasmania, which I am told had some " New Zealand " like qualities,. It was beautiful but it's not NZ. When I do get there, I want to watch the All Blacks play a rugby game. Seen them in a rugby 7's match but got not a full game
  18. Racist, IMO.
  19. The NZ ruby team is the "All Blacks" and their Natl soccer (football) team are the "All Whites." so no "racist" Roll.
  20. The big mistake some folks make is trying to see Aus & NZ on the same trip.
    New Zealand, both main islands are really 2-3 weeks AT LEAST. Aus is a CONTINENT and to "do it" completely - plan 3-4 weeks if doing it in one trip.

    I interacted a lot with NZlanders when I was there and they look to the US for culture - not the UK, their mama country (we're closer.) Outside of Auckland we were in demand and got a lot of questions about everything American. Many of them had been to the US and others had it at the top of their travel Bucket List. The problem is that many of them come here and try to see the US48 in 2-3 weeks. They go to LA, SanFran, Vegas and maybe NYC or Mickey Mouse World FL (Grand Canyon, Yosemite and western parks too) that's it. They REALLY haven't SEEN America then. Same thing applies when we travel there.

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