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Just for fun-what's on your bucket list?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, May 11, 2018.

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  2. One thing I learned from a major [ Craig James] I worked with on active duty ( he later became a Colonel) was rather than do a regular email out of office saying he’d be “back in 2 weeks and contact Lt. Muckinfuss or Capt. Fussmucker with any questions” but instead to solve the first day back of racking thru hundreds of cc copies of mostly useless old info emails he would put this on his out of office instead:

    Your email has been deleted.
    I’m out for 3 weeks.
    Upon return my email IN box will be reactivated but empty.
    Call Capt Fussmucker in the meantime.
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  3. I say some Northern Lights stationed at Loring.
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    1. Play Augusta National
    2. Drive a 1966 Ford GT40 around LeMans
    3. Drive a 911 or M3 at Nurburgring
    4. Treat myself to extreme gluttony in Italy
    5. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
    6. Get my kids to do their homework and clean their rooms
    I might get to mark one of those off the list.
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  4. Retire the same day my last child graduates college
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  5. That’s why I only want to do it once. I assume I would bomb but at least I did it.
  6. #6 is pure fantasy.
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  7. Did you get the full curtain effect?

    I saw them in Alaska, in late spring, and it looked more like a green oscilloscope peaking and ebbing. I was talking to some pilots that request routes to Alaska in winter just to see the northern lights. An older woman chimed in (early 1990s) who grew up in territorial Alaska when her dad was a Marshall in the boonies who said she’d lay out all bundled in the snow for hours just looking up and sweared she could hear a crackling. I’m guessing it was either ice or her memory, but it still sounded cool.
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  8. Fading memory but it was more like watching a curtain undulating.
  9. Agree with many lists! I will add African Safari and Gallopagos to my list. I don’t understand playing golf in Scotland on people’s list..... I understand the history but I can play Willow Springs for cow pasture golf.
  10. Then I don't think you really do understand the history (or the significance, perhaps).

    I watched TCU beat a top 10 team in Atlanta and it was fantastic. But I watched them do the same at the Rose Bowl and it was... religious.

    Or maybe you were just being obtuse. :)
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  11. Most people who think this are caught up in how the grass looks on TV, and don’t understand that the turf conditions there aren’t nearly as bad as they look. The grass is just different there. The beauty of the courses there is the natural terrain and the way it forces you to use your imagination and a wide variety of shots. To that end, it challenges every part of your game and mind. IMO, it’s a much purer form of golf over there.
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  12. I've knocked several off my list and most of mine are hunting related. In no particular order

    1) Complete US slam on turkeys with my son when he's old enough to start
    2) Complete royal and Mexican slam on turkeys
    3) Finally close the deal on a 350"+ elk with my bow
    4) Red stag with my bow in New Zealand
    5) Catch 1000#+ black marlin off the Great Barrier reef
    6) Alaskan Carribu and Moose with my bow
    7) Maybe do the Big 5 in Africa. I'd eventually like to do plains game with my bow, but as unstable as Africa is I just can't get on the plane to do it.
    8) Spain, Italy, and Scotland vacation with the wife
    9) Ibex in Spain with a bow
    10) Giant Alberta mule deer or whitetail with bow
    11) When the son is old enough, Peacock bass fishing again in the Amazon.

    Grand Slam on sheep would be awesome, but I know that's a pipe dream. I'm too old/out of shape at this point in my life much less the cost to accomplish this. I think only 2 people in the world have done with with a bow with one (Lee Lakosky) needing one more to complete it I think.
  13. not sure your preferences, but talor might be open to working out an arrangement with you
  14. Don't forget the wind, rain, and cold--otherwise known as "just another day in Scotland."
  15. Speaking of the Nurburgring....In 1957 I had the opportunity to tour that racecourse in a Porsche Spyder.
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  16. Ok, that one got me to belly laugh
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Step foot on every continent. 3 to go.

    And drive a top fuel dragster....probably not going to happen.

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