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Just for fun-what's on your bucket list?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, May 11, 2018.

  1. “And if I had a million bucks, I figure i could pull it off too... chicks dig dudes with money.”

    “Not all chicks, Lawrence”

    “Type of chicks that would double-up on a dude like me do”
  2. Road trip to St. Louise, MO. Budweiser Brewerie Tour. Next, Lynchburg, Tennessee. Jack Daniels distillery tour. Lasty to Louisiana. The Tobasco hot sauce tour. Hopefully do this this coming summer. Not sure if my days are numbered ? Go Frogs!
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    There are now "quick" non-stop flights (ANZ) to Auckland via Houston (5 day a week) about 14.5 hrs in the air, wonderful service. Leave IAH about 10:30 pm and get into AKL at 6 am. It's a sweet ride and their in-flight entertainment was so good that it kept me awake the whole time - needless to say I was a Zombie that first day. (They do have ALL six of the Hobitt and Lord of the Rings films on-board so one can do a binge and be ready to hit the ground running.)

    Rent a car and plan 3 weeks for the North Island and 10 days for the South. (They drive on the "wrong" side of the road like the Aussies. For me, that was like a theme park ride!)

    What I found of interest was that the plane had two pilots and two co-pilots on board and that up-front they have berths for them to catch some Zzz-s.
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    You had me thru 2 then I fell off.
    But I’ll add “attend The Royal Military Tattoo in Edinburgh, Scotland.”
    And go see John Adams home in Quincy, Mass.
  4. i SEE yooouuuuu
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  5. Romper Room
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  6. Would you be the pitcher or the catcher?
  7. #1 - Iceland/Norway Sweden in the winter for a northern lights excursion.

    #2 - Germany during Oktoberfest (knocking this one out this fall )

    #3 - offshore fishing in Australia

    #4 - South African safari

    #5 - WWII trip through Europe
  8. 1. See the Frogs win a NC in football, baseball and basketball.
    2. Visit the Normandy beaches and cemetery ( on track for next year)
    3. See if I can still paddle into a decent break and get on my feet and crank one last bottom turn. (No smart arse comments Hump!)
    4. Go to Hawaii so I can say I’ve been in every state.
    5. See Waimea Bay on a big day...from the beach.
    6.Actually see a UFO (and have Depends diaper on, as I’d probably need it).
    7. Die before some new Hitler, Mao, Putin idiot decides to start a world war.
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  9. Honestly I've been blessed to already cross a few off the list (humble brag).

    1 Date a Dallas cowboy cheerleader.
    2 Sit center court for an NBA game - I was on the hardwood, with a team owner (his wife was my dad's patient) and needed to move for an inbound play.
    3 attend the rose bowl

    Still on the list
    4 CWS. Been coaching my kids the last 8 summers and could never go.
    5 football NC
    6 couple road trips for frog games at destination stadiums (Neyland, ND stadium, etc.)
    7 Masters
    8 British golf trip
    9 Vikings win a super bowl (I don't really want to be there)
    10 buy a house on a lake
  10. I want to dive with great white sharks...... yes in a cage. Found a place in Chatham MA that does this
  11. In a very similar vein, I want to visit the holy lands. It’s high on my wish list, but dead last on my actual bucket list. Just in case.
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  12. Realtor, did you get my PM?
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  13. 2 week golf vacation in California or Scotland/Ireland
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  14. I don’t see it
  15. I’ve been to Normandy and the cemetery. Beautiful

    Visit the graves of Theodore Roosevelt’s sons, Quentin and Ted Jr while you’re there
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  16. The Tattoo is awesome. We went 8 Years a ago
  17. Done 3 of those...
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  18. Oktoberfest in Munich.

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