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Just for fun-what's on your bucket list?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, May 11, 2018.

  1. PM me if you want recommendations on the first two, I used to live a few blocks away from the Bud brewery and have done Jack as well
  2. Looking back at your list, I've done none of those. But I like your list.
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  3. Looking back at your list, I've done one of those
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  4. 1) visit every country in Europe
    2) live in Australia/ New Zealand
    3) Visit Galapagos Islands
    4) go to the French Open
    5) See tcu win a NC live
    6) Go on safari sa Africa

    New Zealand is amazing btw. Auckland and Wellington.
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  5. Good ones
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  6. Thanks
  7. Bucket list is always evolving, but one item is going to be crossed off this Fall. My great uncle, as 25 year old Irish immigrant, was killed on Oct 10, 1918 in the Meuse Argonne offensive in WW-I. He is buried at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery at Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, France. My wife and I will be the first of our family to visit his grave and we will do so on the 100th anniversary of his death. Will miss the Thursday night Tech game, but it gives me chills to know that I will be visiting my grandmother's big brother's grave.
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  8. Ride one more cattle drive. That's it.
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  9. “Nothing like bringing in a herd”

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  10. Watch Wes beat Cancer!
    Threesome with two supermodel women.
    Enough money to have a proper mid life crisis.
    My own private jet.
    My own super yacht.
    Visit outer space.
    Visit every country on earth.
    Afford a suite at TCU stadium.
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  11. Do the U Can’t Touch This dance with MC Hammer.
  12. Get my Spousal Unit to some of those places the USN was nice enough to pay my way to. Cannes Film Festival, Monaco, Hawaii, and there's more, of course. We've done some, want to do a bunch that are on other's lists in this thread.

    Excellent thread, makes one think.
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    For a fab Safari drop the SA idea. Tanzania or Kenya is very accesable via Europe (London on BA or Amsterdam on KLM) in Jun/July for Tanzania Aug/Sep for Kenya - The savanna and it's counter-clockwise grazing by the widebeests and the whole feeding cycle for the lions et.al.

    The weather in the Kenyan Masai Mara, because of altitude, just south of the equator is temperate and wonderful in their winter months (and 12 hrs of daylight every day.)

    If you do decided to go to SA, Delta has n-s from Atlanta to Jo-burg and you don't have to go to Europe to connect! What a small world we have today.
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  14. You boys been drinkin’
    ~~~whisks knife outta ground
    Don’t let it happen again....
  15. Meet us out there Oct 1. Prost!
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  16. Great suggestions but I want to take Hannah as well and she is only 3. Even if I get stay here longer we will be leaving England before she is 6. Probably will do a family trip to Africa when she is older. I figure when I move back to Europe again I will do all of those.
  17. Great Wall
    Great Barrier Reef
    The Open at St. Andrews and Carnoustie
    A Ryder cup in Great Britain
    Spend a month driving around Ireland/Scotland
    Play golf on the isle of Skye
    See all my Frog friends including Wes at my tailgate for the next 100 years
    Buy a hotdog on Times Square while wearing a tuxedo on the way to a Broadway show
    Drive up the Alcan again
    Hunt for a New Zealand red stag
    Drive Steve McQueen's Bullitt Mustang
    Beat Baylor
  18. Spend time in all 50 states - only 4 to go.
    Visit all the National Parks.
    Live long enough to see my kids graduate from college, get married and have grandkids - I should have had my kids younger.
    Do a stand up routine just once.
    Become a hunter - particularly a bow hunter.
    Make just enough money so wife and I can call it quits and spend time with our children and theirs.
    Learn to play the guitar.
    A sub 10 handicap
    Run a sub 2 hour half and a sub 4 hour full marathon - probably need to run a full marathon before I start requesting Times.
    Write a book - probably a children’s book with my lack of cognitive abilities.
    Learn to tie a good Windsor knot.
    Own a restaurant.
    Macchu picchu, Everest base camp, a few CO fourteeneers.
    Get back to skiing well enough so I could ski Silverton or any backcountry for that matter.
    Live in a house in the mountains for the summer.

    I could do this a long time. It’s good to get out and live life.
  19. damn good list
  20. Great list!

    I can tie a Windsor knot but it always looks like I tried to stuff a baseball under my chin so I stick with a four in hand or bowtie
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