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Jerry Kill officially added

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Who is Gerry Sanduskey, Alex?
  2. In this press conference, around 57 seconds in, he states that he spent some time down here at TCU during his vacation.

  3. Does this re-set the two year evaluation cycle?
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    I expect Gary will be in a great mood all season. Working with your good friends can be super enjoyable. I find the positive impact that actually enjoying yourself at work and the people around brings, outweighs tons of other factors. Good for GMFP.
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    if you look at the numbers since the frogs have joined the big 12 they have struggled in the passing game.

    bigger fan of the pass efficiency numbers versus passing yards, but they tell a similar story as to your numbers:

    2012 - 8th
    2013 - 9th
    2014 - 3rd
    2015 - 4th
    2016 - 8th
    2017 - 3rd
    2018 - 8th
    2019 - 10th

    a number of posters like to focus on 2014-15 for obvious reasons except i don't see the frogs going back to the hunh style of offense, but i do suggest looking at 2017.

    specifically because the the frogs ran the ball~55% percent of the type, but used the run game to open up plays in the passing game.

    the frogs run game last year really was centered around zone blocking and the zone read. i would like to see them go back to a schemed run game featuring 3-4 plays out of multiple formations.

    if the frogs can get to a point where teams have to focus on specifically stopping the run game that opens up the passing game to big plays down the field.
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  7. Did not read. Anyone on here writing this many paragraphs must be psychotic and devoid of cognitive thought.
  8. So is the RB coach from Colorado State still headed to TCU?
  9. Yep, sounds like the coaching hires are done. Unless one leaves I guess.
  10. Lots of cooks in the kitchen...I for one is feeling dubious about the chemistry and make-up of this new offensive staff...

    Gary definitely does not believe In the motto “take no prisoners...“
  11. The best way to understand what's going on with the coaching staff is to compare our football program to a Mafia family. Patterson is the "don" or the "boss." He has now hired Kill to be his highly-trusted "consigliere." Cumbie remains a "capo" with the other offensive coaches being Cumbie's "soldiers," including Meacham, who used to be a capo but who's now been demoted (a possible source of intra-family tension, obviously).

    In a Mafia family, the consigliere never tells a capo what to do but, if a capo screws up, the consigliere tells the boss about it and advises the boss how to handle the situation. This whole arrangement is not hard to understand, I just hope it works.

    (Perhaps my Mafia analogy was coincidentally inspired by Kill's last name and Cumbie's first name. Although, given the ineptness of our offense recently, perhaps Cumbie should change his first name from Sonny to Fredo. And I'm afraid what we may need in the end is a Michael Corleone to come out of nowhere and save the family).
  12. I don’t want to go back to anything but winning. Whatever the scheme we’ve lost all since of creativity and that has to change. We are taking a spread formation and essentially applying a 1950’s philosophy to it. We basically lineup, look at the sideline for the signal and run the most generic, non imaginative play you can think of. There is no matching of witts or and form of chess. We show what we want to do and they blow it up...Why...because we aren’t even attempting to fool anyone. It’s like we think it’s cheating to use presnap motion or shifting.
  13. I got a good chuckle out of this. Well done!
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  14. Why is everyone looking at me?
  15. [​IMG]
    Saw Willie make one out of an apple...
  16. I actually made a chart that shows efficiency too, but I thought it would only serve to muddy the water. I kept the chart only to reflect play calls because that indicates philosophy in play calling and overall design of offense. I think Cumbie and Kill will/should develop those areas. Efficiency can point to personnel issues in your offense and in defenses you’re playing.

    I agree with you 100% that efficiency is the most important. We ultimately reached the same conclusion: we did a terrible job passing the ball and that needs to improve.

    I thought the best way to improve that, would’ve been a passing game coordinator similar to what LSU did this year. I hope I’m wrong but it appears that the focus was cronyism instead.
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  17. i agree with you in that i would have liked to see someone come in from outside the program and bring in new ideas, route combinations, use of formations etc.....to help in the passing game, but for whatever the reasons it was decided to bring back meacham.

    i had the same desire for the offensive line (settle down dogfrog) and/or the running back position. possible the new rb coach can contribute, but it seems the new ideas and concepts will come from kill.

    if the worst thing that happens is the offense is more structured, has a definitive personality, and some of the rough edges are smoothed over that is a step forward.
  18. Guys. His name is Kill. We are KFC. We in.
  19. I just want to know who ends up with the cannoli in this scenario.
  20. don't leave it by fitch
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