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Jerry Kill officially added

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jan 15, 2020.

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    Been missing that account. There have been numerous times I thought I would see a "Bonnnnnnnnnnnnng!"
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  2. You rang?

    Sorry, bell humor. Look, I've been inordinately busy over at SicEm365 lately.
    Trust me, do NOT go in there. But I vow to pay more attention to KFC in the upcoming weeks. Some of you definitely deserve the dong. Wait, that came out wrong. Or did it?
  3. Where is the original idiot bell? I have to wonder if that was Wes. He once confided in me who a couple of his ghost accounts were.
  4. secrets sadly taken to the grave
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  5. Yawn, he is football tap water. Doesn't do anything to fix what ails the Frogs offense. More likely than not just giving a buddy a gig.
  6. Saw one of those made out of a potato once.
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  7. Someone who may actually be able to tell Gary no and have Gary actually listen....
  8. Yes, very solid guy. Seems like his health is ok. Would imagine the stress of being a head coach impacted him before. There are multiple medical pros on here that may understand the underlying issues. I am not one of those. He has a lot of experience. If he is indeed being hired, it's a good hire.
  9. Cool. Lots of knowlege to offer.
    A guy like that can help the offensive staff avoid some of their own tendancies.
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  10. The tendency of this offensive staff is to be completely unprepared, unimaginative, unable to adjust and totally ineffective. Good luck with fixing that.
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  11. Worst case: GP simply gave an old friend a job (that comes with a paycheck and presumably health care benefits).

    Better case: Kill will be in a position to make substantive contributions on the offensive side of the field--and GP will listen to him.

    Best case: Sonny is on his way out the door. Kill is the next OC-in-waiting.
  12. I don’t think that’s the best case.
  13. Regarding TCU's offense:

    Right now, I'm just taking it one day at a time.

    Today was a good day.
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  14. If what is being reported is true, folks should keep in mind that Kill has been given a lot of credit for the turn around of the offense at Va Tech when he came in during the season last year at the same type of position. Plus, the reports of the choice for new running backs coach, who had a major impact in the same type of position at previous schools. Plus the reports of Meach for, supposedly, inside rcvrs. (Could easily see that transform to some passing game coordinator duties, which is common) Those are guys who have done well in what they are reportedly possibly maybe likely to be hired for at TCU.

    Others were worried about recruiting if there were big changes, well, Cumbie can stay and grow and, it looks, get helpful input.
  15. two very, very different worlds
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  16. @The New Idiot Bell
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  17. This board has no place for level headed logic and reasoning supported by facts.
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  18. i would have no problem next year if on the goal line or 3rd and short the frogs lined up in the i formation and duggan basically pointed at the play side linebacker and told him we are running isolation right at your ass and it happened again and again and again.

    everything isn't about deception and trickery.

    if your opponent goes into a game knowing they have to prepare to stop a part of your offense that isn't a bad thing.
  19. Understood. lol.
    I just felt it a better route than some crazy rant about never heard before completely unverifiable rumors about kids being paid to go to play at a high school. ( and that wasn't the worst part of that rant)
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  20. This does not look like a good solution. (Hope I am wrong)

    So GP brings his longtime best friend in to over see a OC that has been screwing up play calling for the past two years. This looks like the perfect recipe for a lot of turmoil on the offensive side of the ball. Isn't it much more likely that Cumbie grows resentful of being lorded over and second guessed by Gary's best friend, than this be a cordial, constructive relationship?

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